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Adamov's Extradition Delayed Due To Appeal

Adamov (right) celebrates an agreement with his U.S. counterpart in 1999 6 October 2005 -- The extradition of former Russian Atomic Energy Minister Yevgenii Adamov from Switzerland to the United States has been delayed.

Adamov's lawyers had five days in which to tell the Swiss authorities of their intention to appeal the 3 October extradition order before it came into force.

Adamov now has a further 25 days in which to formally lodge the appeal.

The United States accuses Adamov of embezzling $9 million it sent to Moscow for nuclear-safety projects in the early 1990s.

U.S. officials met with Russian prosecutors today in Moscow to discuss the Adamov case.

The Kremlin insists Adamov be tried in Russia for fear that he may reveal nuclear secrets to the United States. The Russian Foreign Ministry yesterday suggested that Adamov's extradition to the United States could harm Russia's relations with Switzerland.


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