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India, Russia Hold Military Exercises In Northern India

11 October 2005 -- Indian and Russian troops today began nine days of joint military exercises at an army base in northern India to sharpen their skills in combating terrorism.

Indian Defense Ministry spokesman Sitanshu Kar said that around 150 Russian soldiers and an equal number of Indian troops shared military strategies and weapons skills near the city of Agra, 210 kilometers east of India's capital, New Delhi.

The exercises are aimed at teaching the soldiers how to survive in inhospitable desert terrain and engage in guerrilla warfare. The soldiers will practice air dropping armored vehicles, antitank guided missiles, and artillery during simulated combat.

The exercises will shift to the western Indian city of Bikaner on 16 October when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov and India's Army Chief Gen. J. J. Singh are scheduled to witness airborne troops in the Thar Desert.


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