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U.S. Accuses Belarus Media Of Anti-U.S. Campaign

(AFP) 16 November 2005 -- The U.S. ambassador to Belarus has accused state-run media in that country of conducting an anti-American campaign.

George Krol said Belarusian state media routinely accuse the United States of working to destabilize Belarus, foment revolt, and subjugate Belarus to America's imperial will.

Krol was speaking to reporters late yesterday in the Belarusian capital Minsk.

Krol noted that government-controlled media outlets portray U.S. diplomats as spies whose only aim is to destabilize Belarus. The ambassador also said the state media does not inform the public but seeks to turn the Belarusian public against the United States as well as the values of democracy and free choice.

"We would like to see an independent, sovereign, democratic, and economically prosperous Belarus, as an equal partner addressing common challenges," Krol said. "What's so destabilizing about that?"

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has been accused in the West of ruling Belarus with an iron fist. Belarus is the only country in Europe not a member of the Council of Europe. That is because of its failure to meet democratic and human rights standards.