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Russian Hazing Victim Sent To Moscow Hospital

Russians protesting army hazing on 2 February (epa) 7 February 2006 -- A Russian conscript severely beaten up by fellow servicemen was flown to a military hospital in Moscow for further treatment today.

Andrei Sychyov had his legs and genitals amputated after he was tortured by older servicemen over the New Year holidays.

Sychyov was flown today from a hospital in the Siberian city of
Chelyabinsk, where his unit is located, to the military's Burdenko Hospital in Moscow today. Doctors did not make any immediate comment on
his condition.

The incident at the Chelyabinsk tank school created an uproar in Russia.

Boris Gryzlov, the speaker of the State Duma, told reporters
today that Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov will brief lawmakers on the
army's hazing problem on 15 February.


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