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Fatah Agrees 'In Principle' To Join Hamas-Led Government

Fatah demonstrators in Gaza City last month (epa) 22 February 2006 -- Fatah has conditionally agreed to join a Hamas-led Palestinian coalition government.

The announcement came after representatives from both sides met to discuss the formation of new Palestinian government.

Representatives from Fatah said if the two sides can reach agreement, Fatah will participate in a coalition government. If not, Fatah representatives say Fatah will be part of the "constructive opposition."

Hamas holds a majority in the new Palestinian parliament. It is seeking partners for a broad-based coalition.

Meanwhile, Iran has vowed to fund the new Hamas-led Palestinian government.

In Jerusalem, acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Hamas is not a strategic threat to Israel.

Earlier, Palestinian officials denounced Israel for reimposing two roadblocks outside Jericho. The officials say the move violates a 2005 deal giving them security control over the West Bank city.

(AFP, AP, Reuters)