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Russian Poll Shows High Support For Putin

Putin (center) meeting with members of his administration in 2005 (ITAR-TASS) March 30, 2006 -- A large majority of Russians approve of President Vladimir Putin's policies and would like to see it "energized," according to a poll published in "Izvestia" on March 30.

According to the poll, which was conducted by the All-Russia Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), 76 percent of Russians approve of Putin's defense of Russia's national interests, his fight against the so-called oligarchs, his boosting of the state role in the economy, and his independent foreign-policy course.

Eighteen percent of respondents disapproved of Putin's policies.

"The majority of Russians believe Putin's initiatives are not being implemented efficiently or persistently enough," VTsIOM General Director Valery Fyodorov was quoted as saying. "They want the same job done, but the effort redoubled and accelerated."

Fyodorov added that most Russians feel alienated from the West and favor less intense ties with the United States and other Western countries.


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