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U.S. Journalist In Moscow After Days Of Questioning

(RFE/RL) April 3, 2006 -- An American journalist who was subjected to long questioning by authorities in southern Russia has arrived in Moscow.

Kelly McEvers, a New York-based freelance journalist, arrived in Daghestan two weeks ago on a fellowship from Johns Hopkins University to research a story on the region.

She returned to Moscow on April 2.

She says her interrogators alleged that she had information about attacks in southern Russia. She says they confiscated her notebooks, tapes, and computer hard drives; threatened her; and subjected her to hours of questioning for three days last week.

McEvers' lawyer, Yusup Dzhakhbarov, says McEvers faces hearings in Daghestan for allegedly reporting without accreditation as a journalist, but that she does not have to return to the region because he is empowered to represent her.


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