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Security Council Members To Discuss Iranian Nuclear Program

Larijani said Iran will not be bullied or threatened into stopping its nuclear work (AFP) April 18, 2006 -- Officials from the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany are meeting in Moscow today for talks on Iran's nuclear program.

Officials from Great Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States, and Germany will begin discussing possible measures to convince Iran to halt uranium enrichment.

The United States has said punitive measures such as freezing Iranian assets or imposing travel restrictions on senior officials will be on the agenda.

On April 17, Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Larijani said Iran will not be bullied or threatened by the United States into stopping its uranium enrichment work.

The UN Security Council has demanded Iran halt all nuclear enrichment work by April 28.

The United States has accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons. Iran insists its nuclear program is strictly for generating energy.

(dpa, Reuters, AP)

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Iran's Nuclear Program

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