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Thousands Demonstrate In Ankara Against Courthouse Attack

Thousands of protestors hold the national flag near Ataturk's mausoleum during a protest of the terrorist attacks that took place at a courthouse in Ankara on May 17 (epa) May 18, 2006 -- Thousands of people demonstrated in the Turkish capital Ankara today in protest against a shooting attack on a Turkish court that killed one judge and wounded four others yesterday.

Protesters chanted "murderers out," and declared that Turkey "will remain secular." The protest took place as government ministers arrived at Ankara's main mosque to attend a memorial service for the assasinated judge.

The gunman, who has been detained, was reported to have called himself a "soldier of Allah" as he carried out the attack inside Turkey's highest administrative court building in Ankara.

The court had faced criticism for enforcing a ban on Muslim headscarves in schools and state offices.

The shooting has angered many Turkish secularists, who see it as an attack on the country's secular tradition.

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