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Iran's Lawmakers Urge Economic Break With Denmark

Iranian parliament (file photo) (Fars) October 10, 2006 -- A majority of Iran's parliament today called on President Mahmud Ahmadinejad to cut economic ties with Denmark over a recent television report that critics say insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

Two hundred and thirty-two deputies in the 290-seat parliament signed the letter, in which they also call on the president to freeze political relations with Denmark if it continues "such policies."

Denmark's national television on October 6 broadcast amateur video footage showing members of the far-right Danish People's Party drawing images of the Prophet Muhammad.

On October 9, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Danish Ambassador Claus Juul Nielsen in protest over the footage.

Depictions of the Prophet that a Danish newspaper published earlier this year triggered worldwide Muslim protests and considerable public debate on religious sensitivities and freedom of speech.

(Fars, AFP)