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U.S. Accuses Syria, Iran, Hizballah Over Lebanon

The U.S. is giving Siniora (right) its support (file photo) (epa) November 2, 2006 -- The United States has warned Syria, Iran, and the Lebanese Hizballah militia against trying to overthrow the democratically elected Lebanese government.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said the United States has growing evidence that Syria, Iran, and Hizballah are preparing to bring down the government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

Snow declined to give details about the evidence underpinning the accusation, saying it was classified, but told reporters: "We're making it clear to everybody in the region that we think that there ought to be hands off the Siniora government. Let them [the government] go about and do their business."

Syria's Embassy in Washington dismissed the U.S. accusation as "ludicrous" and "unfounded," and said Syria does not interfere in internal Lebanese politics.

A spokesman for Hizballah also denied trying to topple the Beirut government, and accused the United States of interfering in Lebanese affairs.

No reaction from Iran was immediately available.

(compiled from agency reports)