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Mosque Raided In Iraqi Capital

(RFE/RL) November 20, 2006 -- U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq today conducted a raid in the Shi'ite militia stronghold of Al-Sadr City, the second such raid there in two days.

The U.S. military says Iraqi forces searched and "slightly damaged" a mosque in Al-Sadr City. They did not make any arrests.

U.S. officials say the mosque was used by militants responsible for kidnapping, torturing, and killing Iraqi civilians and soldiers.

Authorities in southern Baghdad say they found the bodies of 14 Sunni Arabs early today who were kidnapped and killed by men disguised as police. Most of the victims were taken hostage on the night of November 19.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials announced today that a U.S. Army soldier and a U.S. Marine were killed in separate military operations in Iraq during the weekend.

(AP, Reuters)