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Iranian Students Protest Against New Rules

Students protesting at Shiraz University today (ISNA) April 23, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- More than 2,000 university students are protesting against the tightening of rules on student's behavior and dress, Radio Farda reported.

The demonstration began in Shiraz University on April 22 after new rules were announced, including a ban on shorts and tank tops for boys in the dormitories.

One of the protesters complained to Radio Farda that authorities are trying to control students' private lives.

"There are new limitations on the [curfew]," he said. "Also, dormitory guards have the right to enter the dormitories whenever they want and violate the privacy of students."

Radio Farda reported that the students are calling for the dismissal of senior Shiraz University officials. They also want to be allowed to conduct political, social, and cultural activities freely.

The ISNA news agency quoted the dean of the university, Mohammad Sadeghi, as saying the protest is the result of a "misunderstanding." He said the rules are not new, but have only been announced to the students recently.

(with material from ILNA, ISNA)

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