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Ukrainian President Calls For Elections Within 60 Days

Yushchenko (file photo) (epa) May 31, 2007 -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has threatened to call parliamentary elections within 60 days if deputies today fail to approve a package of electoral laws.

Yushchenko has extended to the end of today his deadline for parliament to pass legislation needed to hold early elections on September 30 -- the date set by him and his rival, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, to end weeks of wrangling.

Parliament on Wednesday (May 30) failed to meet a two-day deadline to pass the laws.

(Reuters, Interfax)

Ukrainian Voices

Ukrainian Voices

RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service asked people on the streets of Kyiv on April 11 whether the Constitutional Court will be able to determine the constitutionality of the president's decree dissolving parliament.

Oksana, a student from Lutsk:
"Their decision will at any rate be beneficial to one of the political forces."

Oleksandr, a high-school student:
"[The court] will be able to do it, but only if the judges agree upon it."

Alla Asilyevna, a pensioner:
"How can the Constitutional Court solve the problem if there is pressure on it from all sides?"

Ivan Yukhimovich, a pensioner:
"If [Prime Minister Viktor] Yanukovych and [President Viktor]Yushchenko find an agreement, everything will be resolved."

Yuliya, a worker:
"I doubt very much that the judges will agree on anything."

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