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Contact Group Meets On Future Status Of Kosovo

(RFE/RL) July 26, 2007 -- Representatives of the Contact Group on Kosovo have met to discuss how to restart talks between Serbia and the Serbian province's ethnic-Albanian majority.

Talks on the future of Kosovo shifted to the Contact Group after Russia expressed doubts about a UN plan to grant Kosovo supervised independence.

The Contact Group includes the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

Diplomats said one idea discussed on July 25 in Vienna would be for U.S., Russian, and EU mediators initially to shuttle between Belgrade and Pristina, Kosovo's capital.


Final Status For Kosovo

Final Status For Kosovo

Pro-independence graffiti in Prishtina (epa)

FINALLY STATUS? Sabine Freizer, director of the Crisis Group's Europe Program, told an RFE/RL briefing that deep divisions in the UN Security Council make it uncertain what form Kosovo's future status might take.


Listen to the entire briefing (about 70 minutes):
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