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The Future Medvedev Team

(ITAR-TASS) Russian President Vladimir Putin put all of the Kremlin's "administrative resources" behind the presidential candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev, and most of the people who worked on Medvedev's campaign are more strongly allied with Putin than with the new president.

Vladimir Sobyanin, the head of Putin's administration, took administrative leave to head the Medvedev election campaign. St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko and Moscow First Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin were also key figures supporting Medvedev. In other regions, Medvedev's campaign was usually headed by senior officials of the local administrations.

The accession of Medvedev to the Russian presidency, however, is likely to be accompanied by a turnover of cadres in key positions in the coming months, especially if Medvedev tries to build his own political base. This could include Medvedev's past associates in the Kremlin, fellow students at the law school at St. Petersburg State University, and colleagues from his tenure at Gazprom. Also likely to join Medvedev are holdovers from the Putin presidency, especially younger leaders such as Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, Health and Social Development Minister Tatyana Golikova, and the head of the state nuclear energy monopoly, Sergei Kiriyenko.

The following individuals may well be in line for positions of increased responsibility under a Medvedev administration.


Arkady Dvorkovich
Current Title: Head of the experts directorate within the presidential administration
Biography: He was born in Moscow in 1972. The son of Soviet chess grandmaster Vladimir Dvorkovich, Dvorkovich graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in economics. He studied at the Russian Economics School and Duke University. He has worked in various government posts since 1994, including as deputy economy minister. In July 2003, the U.S. publication "Business Week" cited him as one of a set of "Stars of Europe -- Agenda Setter" for his role in creating the Russian economic-reform package implemented by Putin during his first term.
Relations with Medvedev: Dvorkovich is an active supporter of Medvedev, and his directorate has provided intellectual support for Medvedev's national projects.

Tatyana Golikova
Current Title: Health and Social Development Minister
Biography: She was born in 1966 in Moscow Oblast. She graduated from the Plekhanov Economics Institute with a specialization in labor economics. She is married to Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko. She formerly worked in the Finance Ministry, serving as deputy and first deputy finance minister. For her outstanding mathematical skills, she became known informally as "Miss Budget." She is also deputy chairwoman of the Federal Antinarcotics Service headed by Viktor Cherkesov
Relations with Medvedev: Like Economic Development and Trade Minister Elvira Nabiullina, Golikova was appointed to Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov's cabinet on the recommendation of Medvedev. She works with Medvedev on pension-system reform, as well as on the national projects.

Elvira Nabiullina
Current Title:
Economic Development and Trade Minister
Born in 1963 in Ufa, Nabiullina graduated with a degree in economics from Moscow State University in 1986. She married Yaroslav Kuzminov, rector of Higher Economics School in Moscow, where many of Russia's liberal economists were trained. Nabiullina is a former vice president of the St. Petersburg-based Center for Strategic Research and served as a deputy to liberal former Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref. She reportedly has ties to Promtorgbank.
Relations with Medvedev: Nabiullina has advised Medvedev on the national projects, and he reportedly recommended including her in Zubkov's government.

Igor Shuvalov
Current Title:
Presidential aide and presidential adviser on the Group of Eight
Biography: He was born on January 4, 1967, in Bilbino, Magadan. He graduated from Moscow State University with a law degree in 1993. After graduation, he worked for the Foreign Ministry. He later rose to the post of chairman of the Federal Property Fund. He is reportedly close to Anatoly Chubais, Aleksandr Voloshin, and banker Aleksandr Mamut.
Relations with Medvedev: Shuvalov worked as Medvedev's deputy when the latter became chief of the presidential administration. In 2006, Shuvalov was named deputy chairman of the presidential council on the national projects and demographic policy, and in this capacity he worked closely with Medvedev.

Vladislav Surkov
Current Title:
Deputy chief of staff for the presidential administration, presidential aide
Biography: Born on September 21, 1964, in Solnstevo, Lipetsk. He studied theater at the Moscow Institute of Culture. He has ties to Alfa-Bank, Channel One television, and the former Menatep Bank, where he worked alongside Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Leonid Nevzlin. He is credited with the creation of the term "sovereign democracy," which serves as a justification for many of the government's policies.
Relations with Medvedev: Surkov is believed to be the moving force behind the effort to depict Medvedev as a reasonable, pragmatic "liberal," who will be politically palatable to the West while still loyal to Putin. His name has also been floated as a likely candidate to head Medvedev's presidential administration. Surkov worked as Medvedev's deputy when the latter became chief of the presidential administration. Surkov has also downplayed any ideological differences between them. When asked about his disagreement with Medvedev over sovereign democracy, Surkov was quoted by RTR on February 1, 2007, as saying: "This is just a small issue. We, for instance, both like Deep Purple, but different songs. Medvedev prefers 'Kentucky Woman,' and I like 'Lazy.' But there are songs we both like and sing together."

Natalya Timakova
Current Title:
Presidential Press Service head
Biography: Born in Alma Ata in 1975, Timakova graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in philosophy in 1998. She co-authored the book "In The First Person: Conversations With Vladimir Putin."
Relations with Medvedev: For the last two years, Timakova has been in charge of overseeing the Kremlin's project to launch Medvedev as Putin's successor in the national media.


Konstantin Chuichenko
Current Title:
Gazprom Legal Department head
Biography: Chuichenko graduated from Leningrad State University in 1987 with a degree in law, and worked in the KGB from 1989-92. He has served on the executive board of Gazpromneft and as a member of Gazprom's management committee. He is currently chairman of Gazprom-Media and co-director of RosUkrEnergo, the Russia-Ukrainian gas-trading firm. He was elected to the supervisory board of Sibneft in 2005.
Relationship with Medvedev: Chuichenko is a former classmate and personal friend of Medvedev's.

Aleksandr Gutsan
Current Title:
Deputy Prosecutor-General
Biography: Born in 1960 in Leningrad, Gutsan graduated with a law degree from Leningrad State University. In 1987, he was Medvedev's class leader and Komsomol secretary for the LGU law faculty. Since graduation, he has served in various prosecutorial positions, including as prosecutor for St. Petersburg. In 1998, he was state prosecutor at the espionage trial of environmental activist Aleksandr Nikitin, who was acquitted after an international outcry. He was appointed deputy prosecutor-general in April 2007. His wife is St. Petersburg Judge Natalya Gutsan.
Relations With Medvedev: Gutsan is a former classmate and friend of Medvedev's.

Anton Ivanov
Current Title:
Supreme Arbitration Court Chairman
Biography: He graduated from the Leningrad State University law faculty in 1987. In the late 1990s, he worked in St. Petersburg's Justice Department. He has also served as first deputy head of Gazprom-Media and was appointed to the board of directors of the television channels TNT and NTV in 2004. He co-authored a book with Medvedev and other classmates on civil codes and later became Supreme Arbitration Court chairman with no prior experience as a judge. In a commentary published in "The Wall Street Journal" in February 2005, former world chess champion Garry Kasparov likened Ivanov's appointment to the Supreme Arbitration Court as "a move akin to Caligula's naming a horse to the [Roman] Senate."
Relations with Medvedev: He is a close personal friend and former classmate.

Nikolai Vinnichenko
Current Title:
Head of the Bailiff Service/Federal Court Marshals Service
Biography: Vinnichenko graduated from Leningrad State University in 1987 with a law degree. For several years he worked in the St. Petersburg's Prosecutor's Office. Vinnichenko previously served as chief federal inspector for St. Petersburg. In 2003, he was appointed prosecutor-general for St. Petersburg.
Relations With Medvedev: He is a former LGU classmate and a close friend.

Ilya Yeliseyev
Current Title:
Deputy CEO of Gazprombank
Biography: Born in Leningrad on December 19, 1965, Yeliseyev graduated from Leningrad State University in 1987 with a degree in law. In 2001, he got a Ph.D. in law from the school. He worked on the law-school faculty from 1991-2003. In August 2005, he was appointed deputy CEO of Gazprombank. He is also a member of the board of Gazprom-Media.
Relations with Medvedev: He co-authored a book with Medvedev and other classmates at LGU on civil codes. He also enjoys a personal friendship with Medvedev.


Yury Kovalchuk
Current Title:
Director of Rossia bank, which holds 49.9 percent of Gazprombank
Biography: Kovalchuk's bank came to prominence during the 1990s by handling most of the finances for the St. Petersburg External-Relations Committee, which was then headed by Putin. Kovalchuk's son, Boris, has worked for Medvedev since 2006. Together with his brother Mikhail, Kovalchuk controls the television stations REN-TV and TRK-Petersburg.
Relations with Medvedev: He is a former business partner and confidante.

Zakhar Smushkin
Current Title:
Ilim Group Chairman
Biography: Born in Leningrad in 1962, Smushkin graduated from the Leningrad State Technological Institute of Pulp And Paper. In 1992, he co-founded Ilim Pulp. He is currently a member of the presidium of the Russian Union Of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Relations with Medvedev: He is a former business partner and friend.

Alisher Usmanov
Current Title
: Gazprominvestholding Chairman
Biography: Born in 1953 in Uzbekistan, Usmanov hails from a prominent family in Tashkent. His father was the city's prosecutor. He was imprisoned in the 1980s on what he claims were "political" charges and was later freed by Mikhail Gorbachev. In 2007, Usmanov, the owner of various steel works, was estimated to have amassed a fortune worth about $5.5 billion. His name has been floated as a possible successor to Uzbek President Islam Karimov.
Relations With Medvedev: He is a close political ally and provides media support through his control of Gazprom-Media.

Boris and Mikhail Zingarevich
Current Titles:
Members of the board of directors of the Ilim Group
Biography: These twin brothers, who were born in Sebezh, Pskov Oblast, in 1959, graduated from the Leningrad State Technological Institute of Pulp and Paper in 1981. They founded Tekhnoferm in 1991, and in 1992 co-founded Ilim Pulp, which was formed on the basis of Tekhnoferm.
Relations with Medvedev: They are former business partners and friends.


Sergei Dubik
Current Title:
Deputy head of Gazprom's legal department
Biography: Born in 1963, Dubik obtained a degree in law from the Moscow Military Institute of the USSR Defense Ministry. From 1986-91, he served in military prosecution agencies. From 1991-2001, he taught at the university level. From 2001-03, Dubik was an adviser to Medvedev when the latter was first deputy head of the presidential administration. In 2003-04, he was an assistant to Medvedev when the latter became presidential-administration head.
Relations with Medvedev: Dubik has worked together with Medvedev in various posts.

Pavel Krasheninnikov
Current Title:
Chairman of the board of the Russian Lawyers Association
Biography: Born in Sverdlovsk Oblast in 1964, Krasheninnikov served as justice minister in 1998-99. He was elected to the State Duma on the Union of Rightist Forces list, but defected to Unified Russia in 2003.
Relations with Medvedev: He and Medvedev are longtime associates. Both men are active leaders of the Russian Lawyers Association, an umbrella professional body that unites officials with law enforcement, security, and legal backgrounds. The association is considered a potential independent power base for Medvedev. Medvedev is chairman of the association's advisory board. Krasheninnikov played a leading role in Medvedev's presidential campaign.

Intelligence Services

Aleksandr Bortnikov
Current Title:
Federal Security Service (FSB) Economic Security Directorate Director
Biography: Born in Perm Oblast in 1951, Bortnikov has worked for the Leningrad KGB/FSB since 1975. He was appointed head of the FSB Directorate for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast in 2003. He is a member of the board of directors for Sovkomflot.
Relations with Medvedev: He belongs to the siloviki subgroup opposing deputy presidential-administration head Igor Sechin's group.

Viktor Cherkesov
Current Title:
Federal Antinarcotics Service Chairman
Biography: Cherkesov graduated from the law department of Leningrad State University in 1973. From 1975-91, he worked for the KGB in Leningrad, where he became well-known as a hunter of Soviet-era dissidents. He led the St. Petersburg FSB from 1998 to 2000, and then he became first deputy chief of the FSB. From 2000-03, he was Putin's presidential envoy to the Northwest Federal District. His wife, Natalia Chaplina, is owner of the St. Petersburg weekly "Chas Pik" and the RosBalt news agency.
Relations with Medvedev: Cherkesov belongs to the siloviki subgroup opposing Sechin's group. He is politically aligned with Medvedev supporters.

Yevgeny Murov
Current Title:
Director of Federal Protection Service with the rank of army general
Biography: Born on November 18, 1945, in Zvenigorod, Murov graduated from a technical university and the Red Banner Institute of the Soviet KGB. From 1992-97, he was chief of FSB troops in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. In 1997, he became deputy chief of the FSB Directorate for St. Petersburg, later becoming the first deputy chief of the Economic Security Directorate at the federal level.
Relations with Medvedev: Despite his FSB ties, he is reportedly closer to Medvedev than to the Sechin clan.

Yevgeny Shkolov
Current Title:
Deputy Interior Minister
Biography: Born in Dresden, German Democratic Republic, on August 31, 1955, Shkolov graduated from the Ivanovo Energy Institute. A former colleague of Putin's in the KGB, he also served as chief federal inspector for Ivanovo Oblast. He was chief of the Interior Ministry's Economic Security Department until November 2007, when Putin named him deputy interior minister. He is also a member of Transneft's board of directors.
Relations with Medvedev: He belongs to the siloviki subgroup opposing Sechin's group and supporting Medvedev.

Viktor Zolotov
Current Title:
Presidential Security Service Director
Biography: Born in 1948 in Leningrad, Zolotov served as a personal bodyguard for St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak. He has the rank of FSB army general.
Relations with Medvedev: He belongs to a siloviki subgroup independent of Sechin's group.

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