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Romania, Hungary negotiating military cooperation treaty

Prague, April 18 (RFE/RL) - Romania's and Hungary's defense ministries are negotiating a cooperation treaty. And Romania's armed forces chief of staff, Dumitru Cioflina, says the military cooperation treaty might be signed before a bi-lateral political treaty.

Cioflina was interviewed by RFE/RL during a visit to Prague yesterday.

Negotiations on a political treaty have stalled over possible territorial claims Bucharest suspects Budapest might make, and over Hungary's concerns for the rights of the large number of ethnic Hungarians in Romania.

Cioflina said that Romania's direct discussions with NATO regarding admission to the alliance will open next week (April 26). Cioflina is also scheduled to meet NATO officials in Brussels next week (April 23-25).

Romania this month presented documents to NATO designed to lead to discussions on Romania joining the western alliance.