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Lebed Says Post of Vice President Necessary to Solve Conflicts

Prague, July 8 (RFE/RL) -- The following extracts are from an RFE/RL interview with Aleksandr Lebed, Secretary of Russia's Security Council and National Security Advisor to president Boris Yeltsin.

On the re-introduction of vice presidency in Russia

"The necessity of re-introducing the post of vice president is clear. But it will be a long and difficult constitutional procedure. My current rank as secretary of the Russian Security Council and as presidential Security Advisor is enough to start correcting the defaults of the previous period. Then we will see. I have a plan for this, but I do not wish to disclose it. Enough of talking. Now it is important to act first and talk later.

"But there is a separate and very important work, in the Northern Caucasus and in Chechnya, that must be carried out by somebody enjoying strong constitutional powers and can take decisions without delay, because of his greater role in decision-making.

On possible trip to Chechnya

"I will go to Chechnya soon. I am preparing a plan for the regulation of the conflict, but I do not intend to disclose it for the moment. Some 15 experts are working on this plan. After they will prepare their report, I will analyze it and then i will go to Chechnya. Chechnya is our land and we will solve this issue calmly.