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Czech Republic: Valenti Says Czech Audio-Video System A 'Model'

Washington, 4 November 1996 (RFE/RL) -- The Czech Republic's system of public and private television and unrestricted film exhibition is "a finely balanced plan and ought to be the model for all of Europe, says Jack Valenti, chairman of the industry group representing the eight major U.S. movie companies,

Valenti made the remarks Friday at a private reception honoring Czech President Vaclav Havel following the premier in Prague of the new Czech film "Stone Bridge." Valenti's comments were made available in Washington by the Motion Picture Association.

Valenti said it is critical to have a marketplace for audio-video products with as few restrictions as possible and which allows the audience to decide what it wants to watch.

"Of all the people in Europe, no one knows better than the Czechs the futility of governmental restrictions," he said.

Valenti was made an honorary member of the Czech Film and Television Academy and spent several hours yesterday at FAMU, the prestigious Prague film school whose graduates include director Milos Forman.