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Poland: Chechnya 'Representation Bureau' To Open In Warsaw

Warsaw, 13 December 1996 (RFE/RL) - A Chechnya "representation bureau" is scheduled to be opened in Warsaw today, and our Warsaw correspondent reports the widow of the late Chechnyan President Dzokhar Dudayev is to attend. The "bureau," as it is being called, will be housed in the Palace of Science and Culture, and the space is provided by the Warsaw City Council.

Ethnic Chechens and supporters of Chechen independence have already opened what they call information centers in Krakow and Warsaw.

An international conference on re-building Chechnya, and on democracy in Russia, concludes today in Warsaw.

Two days ago, Poland's Ambassador to Moscow, Andrzej Zalucki, was summoned to Russia's Foreign Ministry to explain the Chechnya conference. Zalucki said Polish Government officials had nothing to do it.

Among those featuring at the conference were the Mayors of Warsaw and Krakow, Dudayev's widow , and the First Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Chechen government, Khozahmed Nukhayev.