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Tajikistan: Opposition Leader Demands Part In Government

Prague; 16 January 1997 (RFE/RL) -- The leader of Tajikistan's internal opposition "National Revival" movement, Abdumalik Abdullojonov, says nobody, neither President Emomali Rahmonov nor other leaders, may ignore him or his organization in forming a new, transitional coalition government and a commission for national reconciliation.

Abdullojonov, the former Tajik prime minister, made the remarks to our correspondent in Khujand (Leningrad), 300 kilometers north of Dushanbe in reference to the ongoing talks in Tehran between the Tajik government and the United Tajik Opposition.

Abdullojonov says ignoring the country's regions, national leaders and political organizations would lead to a deterioration of the already catastrophic situation in Tajikistan.