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Georgia: Shevardnadze Criticizes Failure To Extradite Accused Assassin

Tbilisi, 5 May 1997 (RFE/RL) - Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze today criticized Russia for failing to extradite a man accused of attempting to assassinate him nearly two years ago.

In his weekly radio address, Shevardnadze accused Russia of violating an agreement on the extradition of accused criminals by ignoring Georgia's demands for the extradition of Igor Giorgadze.

Shevardnadze said that he cannot understand why Moscow values the interests of "terrorists" above Russian-Georgian relations.

Giorgadze was the Minister of Security in Georgia until late 1995 when, after a bomb attack against Shevardnadze, he reportedly fled to Russia. His father, retired general Panteleimon Giorgadze, is the leader of the opposition United Communist Party of Georgia.