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Russia: Supplies Reach Mir Without Mishap

Moscow, 7 July 1997 (RFE/RL) -- An unmanned spacecraft has successfully docked with the damaged Mir space station, bringing much-needed supplies to the crew of two Russians and one American.

The Progress supply vehicle brought with it oxygen, food, water and tools to carry out repairs to Mir's Spektr module, which was badly damaged on June 25 when another supply craft crashed into it. Also included in the shipment is a new door for Spektr.

Russian ground controllers said initially that the unloading of the new supplies would start today, but later a spokeswoman said the crew was resting and that work would begin tomorrow instead. Mission control said that before the hatch between the two craft can be opened, Mir must be maneuvered so that its solar panels can be turned towards the sun. It had to leave that position for today's docking.