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Croatia: Opposition Wants UN Cooperation Reconsidered

Zagreb, 10 July 2001 (RFE/RL) -- A leading opposition party today called for Croatia's parliament to reconsider the country's cooperation with the UN war crimes tribunal following the indictments of two high-ranking military officers. The Croatian Democratic Union, or HDZ, demanded at today's parliament session that the law on cooperation with the tribunal be scrapped and that parliament call a referendum on the issue.

The HDZ demand was made in response to the government's recent decision to hand over the men and to cooperate fully with the tribunal in The Hague.

Four members of the 18-month-old Croat coalition have resigned in protest over the decision. A vote of confidence in the government is scheduled for 15 July.

Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan has said General Rahim Ademi -- believed to be one of the two indicted by The Hague -- is willing to hand himself in.