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Iraq: Military Chief Says Hundreds Of Iraqis Detained

Washington, 21 December 2003 (RFE/RL) -- The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff says the capture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has led to the arrest of hundreds of Iraqis, including some suspected leaders of the insurgency. General Richard Myers told U.S.-based Fox News that the capture of Hussein on 13 December has led to a "better understanding of the structure of the resistance." He said "more than several hundred" people had been arrested as a result.

Myers also said Hussein is not cooperating with U.S. authorities who have been interrogating him since he was caught near his hometown of Tikrit.

In other news, reports say fire today erupted in four oil pipelines near Tikrit. Iraqi officials are quoted as saying that the fire was caused by sabotage.

Iraqi Oil Ministry officials also revealed today that "unknown assailants" yesterday attacked an oil reservoir south of Baghdad with rocket-propelled grenades, destroying 10 million liters of gasoline.