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Heard This Week - 12/06/2007

Heard in Iran This Week
on Radio Farda

(Washington, DC -- December 6, 2007) This past week Radio Farda reported on the following issues and more:
* Reaction to the latest U.S. intelligence assessment of Iran's nuclear program
* More arrests of women's rights and student activists
* Commemorating the 1998 "chain murders" of Iranian dissidents

Radio Farda Airs Analyses of New U.S. Estimate of Iran's Nuclear Efforts...
December 5 -- U.S. Ambassador to the IAEA Gregory Schulte told Radio Farda [text in Persian:] "the NIE [National Intelligence Estimate] still points out that Iran continues to enrich uranium enrichment with no obvious civil requirement." During a separate interview on December 4, Iran expert Shahram Chubin said [text in Persian:] release of the NIE will encourage European countries to urge the U.S. to seek a solution that "allows Iran some enrichment and... more intrusive inspections."

...Focuses on New Activist Arrests...
* December 4 -- Radio Farda spoke to Reporters Without Borders' spokesman Reza Moini [audio in Persian:] after the arrest of women's rights activist Jelveh Javaheri, the fourth One Million Signature campaign organizer to be detained since October.

* December 4 -- A student activist told Radio Farda [text in Persian:] that security forces arrested a number of students who organized a rally at Tehran University in honor of Student's Day, including a political science student who took refuge in a law faculty classroom. One day earlier, Radio Farda had aired a statement [text in Persian:] by the left-wing "Libertarian and Egalitarian Students" group calling for a rally the next day.

...Interviews Son of 1998 Dissident Murders Victim...
November 29 -- To commemorate the 1998 "chain murders" of dissident Iranian intellectuals, Radio Farda aired an interview with the son of murdered writer Mohammad Mokhtari [text in Persian:].

...Presents "Viewpoints" on Annapolis Summit
Tehran-based academic Hassan Hashemian, journalist Mashallah Shamsolvaezin and Radio Israel Iran expert Menashe Amir discussed the outlook for Middle East peace on November 30 during Radio Farda's weekly roundtable program [audio in Persian:].

RFE/RL Analysis

Tehran Seizes on U.S. Nuclear Turnaround
December 4 -- Rare is a U.S. intelligence report that seems to strike joy in the hearts of Iranian leaders. RFE/RL gathers analyst views from Iran on how a new U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which concludes that Iran is not currently at work on a nuclear weapons program, appears to have done just that.

Women Reject the 'Little Miseries'
December 5 -- RFE/RL talks to women's rights activists In Iran about how their colleagues from across Iran are rallying to defend women who are the victims of daily abuses of their human rights -- and how authorities are cracking down on this grassroots movement.

For more on these and other stories about Iran, please visit: -- Radio Farda's Persian-language website -- "RFE/RL Iran Report" weekly analysis -- RFE/RL English-language coverage of Iran

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