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Russian Satire On The Web

Russian Satire On The Web

"Caucasus Prisoner" In the original scene, a local tricks a naive Russian tourist into kidnapping a young woman by persuading him that abductions are a local tradition. In the overdubbed spoof (text excerpts below, video here), seen more than 1 million times on youTube, the tourist is "Medvedev" and he's being asked to snatch not the woman but the Russian presidency.

'Medvedev': So what's my role?
Local: Collect signatures, put forward your candidacy.
'Medvedev': My candidacy?! That's also part of the tradition? Brilliant! And then?
Local: Then, who will they elect?
'Medvedev': Putin, as usual.
Local: No, no, they'll elect you.

"Kukly" This biting satirical show depicted Putin as a wicked, foul-mouthed dwarf and oligarch Boris Berezovsky as a magic fairy helping him put the nation under his spell (text excerpts below, video here).

'Putin': Waste them in the outhouse!
'Berezovsky': Oh, he talks.
'Putin': In the outhouse, waste them all! Waste everyone in the outhouse!
'Berezovsky': Not everyone. Lie still, boy. Now we'll make a human being out of you.