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Heard in Iran: Ahmadinejad Criticized

Assessing Iran's Nuclear Program
September 26 -- Henry Sokolski, Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Center, told Radio Farda that something "doesn't add up" when it comes to Iran's nuclear capabilities. [Read in Persian]
Ahmadinejad Criticized
September 25 -- Radio Farda listeners responded angrily to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent claim that 98 percent of Iranians support the Islamic regime "For three decades, there has been no referendum. How can Mr. Ahmadinejad say that 98 percent of the public supports the Islamic Republic?" asks one listener. Another says: "As a citizen, I don't have the right to criticize the government's policies in Iran's state media. I live under the worst conditions, because justice and law are only a dream." [Read in English]
Ahmadinejad in New York
September 30 -- Iran's Former UN Ambassador was joined on Radio Farda by a scholar and journalist to discuss President Ahmadinejad's recent trip to the United Nations in New York. [Read in Persian]
Iran Cracks Down on Minority Journalists
September 26 -- An official with international NGO Reporters Without Borders tells Radio Farda that, of the 11 journalists currently being detained by Iran, 10 are either Kurdish, Azeri or Arab. He says the regime has always been hostile to minorities. [Read in Persian]
Strikes Spreading in Southern Iran
September 25 -- Workers at the Haft-Tapeh Sugarcane Factory in Khuzestan say they have launched a strike with workers at the Pars Paper Mill Factory in order to protest unpaid wages. In addition, an Ahvaz-based journalist says hundreds of truck drivers -- several of whom were arrested -- staged a strike by lining up their vehicles for a three kilometer stretch along the Khorramshahr road. [Read in Persian]
Honor Killings in Iran
October 1 -- Radio Farda's weekly women's magazine, "The Other Voice," explores the roots of honor-killings in Iran. [Read in Persian]
Prominent Cleric on 'Apocalyptic Politics'
October 1 -- Well-known Iranian cleric, Hojatoleslam Fazel Meybodi, discusses the role of religion in politics in an interview with Radio Farda. [Read in Persian]