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Heard in Iran: The Importance of Dialogue

Obama and Iran
November 5 -- How will U.S.-Iranian relations change when Obama is sworn in as the 44th U.S. President? To answer this question, Radio Farda spoke with two experts: Shahin Fatemi, a Paris-based political analyst and Akvar Karami, a political commentator in Tehran. [Hear the discussion in Persian]
Iranian-Americans Vote
November 3 -- Americans of Iranian descent weigh in on the U.S. election and what it might mean for American policy toward Iran. [Read in Persian]
The Importance of Dialogue with Iran
November 4 -- Bruce Laingen, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iran and a hostage during the 1980 crisis, tells Farda: "Diplomacy requires dialogue, whether we like each other or not. And we should be talking. We may not like the regime in Tehran today but it is a reality and we need a dialogue with each other." [Read in Persian]
Minister With Fake Degree Sacked
November 5 -- A Tehran-based lawyer tells Radio Farda that the impeachment of Ali Kordan -- the tenth minister of President Ahmadinejad's cabinet to lose his job -- puts the government on edge. He notes that, if one more minister is replaced, Iran's Constitution mandates that the president resubmit his entire cabinet to Parliament for approval. [Listen to the interview in Persian]
Juvenile Hanged in Iran, Again
November 4 -- Iran executed its latest child offender on October 30. A senior official at Human Rights Watch tells Radio Farda that Iran has no respect for its signature on the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child. [Read in Persian]