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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 19, 2005

19 August 2005
Weekly Claims Turkish Delegation Being Shut Out Of Millennium Anniversary
Kazan will have to postpone the "Days of Turkey," which were initially planned to coincide with the city's millennium anniversary celebrations, "Zvezda povolzhya" reported on 19 August. The weekly speculated that the postponement is due to Moscow's unwillingness to allow a strengthening of ties between Tatarstan and Turkey. According to the weekly, many members of the Turkish delegation experienced difficulties obtaining visas, while Turkish schools in Kazan are facing more pressure from education authorities.

Only One-Third Of Tatarstan Oil Revenue Makes Its Way Back To Tatarstan
The 18 August issue of "Zvezda povolzhya" estimated Tatarstan's oil extraction and budget figures, claiming that 30 million tons of oil annually extracted in the republic generate some 250 billion rubles ($8.77 billion) of income, while just 100 billion rubles ($3.5 billion) finds its way back to the republic. The weekly's editorial speculated that, given the current situation regarding rings global oil prices, the federal government should have more interest in keeping the republic within the Russian Federation, as Tatarstan is serious contributor to the National Stabilization Fund.

International Breweries Considering Kazan Plant For Takeover
International brewers SABMiller and Efes are both reportedly considering a possible takeover of the Krasnii Vostok brewery in Kazan, "Vedomosti" reported on 18 August. The brewery, currently owned by Ayrat and Ilshat Kheirullins, is one of Russia's largest. According to previous media reports, the Kazan brewery has been on sale for more than a year.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

Bashkir Company Wins Contract To Produce Aircraft Engines In India
Rosobonoexport head Sergei Chemizov and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited President Ashokoy Bavedja have signed a contract to begin the licensed production of AL-55I aircraft engines in India, "Kommersant-Daily" reported on 19 August. The Ufa Motorbuilding Plant (UMPO), a major engine producer for Su and Mig corporations, will oversee the project.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi