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Tatar-Bashkir Report: May 1, 2002

1 May 2002
Tatar Prime Minister�s 1 May Greeting To The People Of Tatarstan
On 30 April Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov officially greeted Tatarstan�s residents with the coming holiday of the 1 of May, which used to be called the day of international workers� solidarity Day before the collapse of Soviet State and now is known as a Day of spring and labor. In his greeting message Minnikhanov made a special emphasis on �Tatarstan�s new consequential steps towards the development of [free] market relations [in the economy].� Referring to the president Shaimiev�s annual message to the republican state Council (of 28 February), Prime Minister said, �the increasing of marketability of Tatarstan-produced goods is a key to boosting the efficiency of the entire economy and therefore to improving the life level of our citizens.� He also promoted the growing role of small private businesses in the light of growing responsibility of each person for his or her family. In addition Minnikhanov didn�t skip the republican government�s efforts to pursue �an active social policies� represented by the ramshackle housing program, gas supply networks development in the rural regions, development of communication systems and equipping the schools with modern computer classes.

Trade Unions Official Says Its Getting Harder For Working People To Survive
Legal expert of the Tatarstan�s Trade Unions Federation Gabdelkhak Mukhametshin told the Yanga Koen program of the republican State Radio on 1 May that �this day was formerly known as a holiday devoted to singing anthems and shouting out appraisals to the Communist Party, but now it is becoming a real holiday for working people.� He added that �nowadays it is becoming harder for these people to survive, feed their families by working on a single job and what is more dangerous, the income, social welfare gap between ordinary workers and the management, between workers of the oil industry and other industries, is growing, causing more and more discontent among the masses [of people].�

Education Minister On Tatar Education In Russia�s Regions, Tatarstan
Tatarstan�s Education Minister Faris Kharisov told the press conference on 30 April that although his ministry signed cooperation agreements with over 20 Russia�s regions inhabited by ethnic Tatars, there are no Tatar schools in such heavily Tatar-populated entities as Tyumen or Ulyanovsk oblast, RFE/RL Kazan Bureau reported the same day. Tatar children of these regions are only given an opportunity to learn their native language, while all other subjects are taught in Russian. Kharisov also spoke of his ministry�s plans to send its experts for assisting the distant Tatar communities, although there is no state funding planned for such purposes. Commenting on the current developments with the experimental introduction of Latin-based Tatar script in 60 classes of 60 republic�s schools, the minister noted that the new ABC was especially favored by the non-Tatar pupils, who find it more simple than the Cyrillic-based one.

Security Council Body Discusses The Situation With Drugs In Tatarstan
Tatarstan�s Security Council commission for opposing the drug abuse and trafficking chaired by deputy PM Zilya Valeeva gathered on 30 April to discuss the operation of Kazan city anti-drug rehabilitation center and the general situation with drugs addiction spread in the republic. According to Valeeva�s report during the meeting, 2700 addicts are officially registered in Tatarstan�s capital and the approximate real number of such people there can be estimated by multiplying this figure by 15. Similarly approximate estimations show that the daily turnover of the most �popular� drug in Kazan � heroin is about 4 kilograms. �The retail price� of this drug recently climbed to some 800 rubles [$25,8] per 1 gram as a result of successful activities by the republican interior ministry, sizing large shipments of drugs and blocking the supply channels.

20 Percent Of Tatarstan�s Tax Payers Fail To Submit Tax Reports In Time
According to Tatarstan�s branch of the Russian Tax Ministry on 30 April, which is a deadline for submitting the returns of income [nalogovaya deklaratsiya] by private businessmen, private lawyers and other individuals who didn�t pay taxes during the previous year or those applying for tax refund. 43,000 Tatarstan�s residents handed in such returns of income by 30 April, including 80 percent of tax payers who are obliged to report their incomes by law.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

Rakhimov Meets Putin For Talks On Social Policies, Laws Harmonization
Bashkortostan�s President Murtaza Rakhimov had a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin on 29 April, RFE/RL Ufa correspondent reported the next day. Rakhimov reportedly informed Putin about the current soicaland economic situation in his republic, beginning of the agricultural season and situation with salaries payment to the state employees. Sides also considered the process of bringing the Bashkir Constitution in conformity with the federal laws.

Government Marks Successful Start Of The Agricultural Season
Cabinet of Ministers held a wire conference with heads of the republic�s farms, agricultural companies, chaired by Prime Minister Rafael Baydavletov on 30 April, RFE/RL Ufa correspondent reported the same day. In his opening speech, Baydavletov said that that virtually all the Bashkorotstan�s regions were provided with fuel and oil for agricultural machinery and began the spring-time field work in time, while the heavy weather conditions delayed such work in several regions in the North and highland (Ural) parts of the republic.

Deputy PM Shamil Vakhitov told the conference that 80-90 percent of the machinery available at the farms was operable, which is considered to be a satisfactory result, indicating drawbacks in work of the repair stations during the winter.

Republic To Privatize More Than 50 Of Its Industries this Year
Ministry of industry, foreign affairs and trade prepared a list of 53 state companies recommended for privatization in 2002, Rosbalt agency reported on 30 April. The list includes such enterprises as Ufa international airport (MAU), Oktyabrsk Skin Footwear Factory (OKOK), Belebey Combined Meat Factory (BMK), timber, light industry plants in Ufa, Birsk, Neftekamsk, Simsk, Beloretsk.

1 May Celebrations Dominated By Music And Sport In Ufa
Bashkortostan�s capital Ufa began the 1 May celebrations from the second city Youth Music Festival one the Lenin square, while in other parts of the town light athletics events will be held together with the folk music concerts, Bashkir State Radio reported the same day.

President Rakhimov�s 1 May Greeting
President Murtaza Rakhimov greeted the people of Bashkortostan with the 1 May holiday, Respublika Bashkorotstan newspaper wrote on 30 April. The greeting statement said, �there is a civil peace, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional consent firmly preserved in our republic, while the creative activities of our citizens is growing. We hope that this year, declared a Year of Health in Bashkorotstan, will become an important step towrds improving the lives of our people.� Rakhimov wished his republic �peace and quiet, wisdom and mutual respects, spiritual strength and faith in the tomorrow.�

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi