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Tatar-Bashkir Report: May 17, 2001

17 May 2001
Shaimiev Leaves Federation Council.
On the occasion of his departure from the Federation Council, President Mintimer Shaimiev on 16 May said that the upper chamber of the parliament had "failed to develop principles of federalism and its practical realization" and thus had failed to serve Russia as a federative state. Shaimiev stressed that Russia can be democratic only if it is a federal state.

EBRD Becomes KamAZ Shareholder in Debt for Shares Swap.
KamAZ and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have agreed to convert the KamAZ 2.5 billion rubles debt to EBRD into shares, RBC reported on 16 May. That will make the EBRD the largest foreign shareholder of the firm.

ASEAN Ambassadors Visit Tatarstan.
ASEAN ambassadors to Moscow visited Kazan on 16 May, Tatar-inform reported.

TPC Protests Sviyazhsk Jubilee Celebration.
The Tatar Public Center said that it is �inadmissible� to celebrate 450th anniversary of the Sviyazhsk fortress from which Ivan the Terrible attacked Kazan and began the genocide of the Tatar nation, Efir-inform reported on 15 May.

Bashkir Muslims Follow Lead of Tatar Colleagues.
Muslim leaders from Bashkortostan visited Kazan to meet with the leaders of the Tatarstan Muslim Religious Board to discuss cooperation and to learn about the work of Tatarstan's Muslims, Tatar-inform reported on 16 May. The visitors praised the publication of Muslim newspapers in Tatarstan noting that there is no Muslim media outlet in Bashkir.

Tatarstan�s KGB Renamed As UFSB.
Ilgiz Minullin, the first deputy head of FSB in Tatarstan, told �Vechernyaya Kazan� on 16 May that �our Moscow colleagues in private conversations have expressed their admiration� that Tatarstan maintained the name KGB for its security service until now." But he added that even with the new name of UFSB, "each of us considers himself a chekist."

By Gulnara Khasanova