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Tatar-Bashkir Report: May 22, 2001

22 May 2001
Qol Sherif To Become Memorial To Kazan Defenders
A meeting of government members and scientists chaired by President Mintimer Shaimiev on 21 May has approved plans for the restoration of the Kazan Kremlin and agreed that the Qol Sherif mosque will be "a monument to the Kazan defenders against Ivan the Terrible," Tatarstan television reported.

Romanian Manufacturers Visit Kazan
Members of the Romanian National Association of Exporters and Importers on 21 May met with Tatarstan officials to discuss expanding trade, Tatar-inform reported.

Tatarstan Residents to Get New Russian Passports
Talgat Zaripov, the deputy head of the republic's passport and visa service, said on 21 May that his service will begin handing out new Russian passports with Tatar-language inserts in June, Tatar-inform reported.

Per-Minute Telephone Charge Before Constitutional Court
The Tatarstan Constitutional Court on 21 May began hearing a suit lodged by local trade unions against the introduction of per-minute telephone charges, Tatarstan television reported.

Energy Prices Rise
Republic Energy Commission head Rauf Zamaletdinov said on 21 May that electrical and heating energy prices will be raised as of 1 June for industrial companies by 33 and 38 percent and for residents by 18 and 100 percent respectively, Tatar-inform reported.

Tatenergo to Cut Power to Bua
Having failed to collect past due bills and having given a warning, Energosbyt head Rim Galiakhmetov said on 21 May that his company will cut off power to Bua but will continue to provide electricity to hospitals and city services there.

New Publication Focuses on Christian-Muslim Dialogue
The Council on Religious Affairs has issued a report on the recent international conference in Kazan on Christian-Muslim dialogue, Tatar-inform reported on 21 May.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova

Oil, Gas Manufacturers Congress Opens In Ufa
The third Congress of Russian oil and gas manufacturers is taking place in Ufa, Bashinform reported. NIKoil president Nikolai Tsvetkov told the gathering that Bashkortostan is the best place in Russia to invest.

UES Promotes Wind Power Engineering
Participants in the UES-initiated Ufa conference devoted to wind power engineering agreed to appeal to defense industry companies to produce wind power stations and to petrochemical plants to provide them with necessary lubricants, Bashinform reported on 21 May.

SPS in Bashkortostan Helds Conference
Representatives from 19 urban areas and 20 districts took part in the conference of SPS in Bashkortostan on 18 May, Bashinform reported. The forum discussed the party's program and expressed its desire for cooperative relations with the authorities.

Researches Discuss Dioxin Issues
Russian and Italian scientists and manufacturers are discussing dioxins at an Ufa conference, reported. The conference will last through 23 May.

Flooding Continues
The Emergencies Ministry said on 20 May that 63 houses in Ufa remain flooded, Bashinform reported.

New Source about Advertising in Ufa Created
The advertising company Gorod has opened a new non-profit Internet site which presents information about advertising in Ufa, Bashinform reported on 21 May.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova