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Tatar-Bashkir Report: May 29, 2001

29 May 2001
Shaimiev says Tuben Kama Refinery Essential
President Mintimer Shaimiev said on Efir TV on 28 May that the construction of the Tuben Kama refinery is essential for the republic's independent development. He added that refineries in Bashkortostan are not nearly as modern as the Tuben Kama plant will be.

Prosecutors Urged to Investigate Embezzlement Cases
The State Council's Parliamentary Control Committee on 28 May called on prosecutors to investigate embezzlement of republic and federal funds involved in Kama river bridge construction, the Kazan subway construction, and the reconstruction of the Kazan airport.

Federal Bill Seeks To Abolish Regional Parties, Duma Deputy Says
Duma deputy Ivan Grachev told the Open Economy agency [] on 28 May that the draft bill on political parties recently passed in the second reading by the Duma was "unnecessary and premature." He said that it would not lead to the introduction of a three-party system as some have suggested but would likely kill regional parties.

Moscow Labels Tatarstan Firms Best Exporters
The Russian trade ministry has named Tatneft, Kazan Medical Instruments Plant, KamAZ automotive concern, Kazan Organic Synthesis chemical factory, Kazan Helicopter plant and Kazan Elektropribor plant among Russia's best exporters of 2000, Tatarinform reported on 28 May.

Tatar Moslems Maintain Ties to Arab World
Moslem Religious Board chairman Gusman khazret Iskhak headed to Cairo, Egypt on 28 May to take part in the conference on Islamic ideas renewal, MRB press service reported on 28 May.

Tatar Youth Suggest Opening Historical Park in Archa
The Sherek Tatar youth club on 28 May suggested that the Iske Kazan historical park should be established near Archa.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

Bashkortostan Constitution Court Chairman Says Duma Shouldn't Alter Regional Leaders Act
Constitution Court chairman Ildus Adigamov told Interfax-Eurasia on 28 May that "the State Duma's intention to amend the law on electing the regional heads violates Russian Constitution." He added that "any changes to this system could destabilize the situation in Russia."

Bashkir Legislators Address Russian Duma
The State Assembly will appeal to Russian State Duma asking to stipulate the languages used for composing power sharing treaties between Moscow and the regions, Bashinform reported on 28 May. Bashkir legislators will also offer alter the federal acts on state regulation of foreign economic activities and anti-monopoly restrictions using the regional laws.

Duma Deputy Praises Political Parties Bill
Duma deputy Zaynulla Bagishayev praised the Kremlin-proposed draft federal bill on political parties saying that it "laid the basis of the civil society in Russia."

Oil Spill Pollutes River in Ufa
An oil spill from the Bashneft oil pipeline contaminated the Yurmash river in the Ufa suburbs on 28 May, local media reported.

Special Operation Seeks to Cut Off Arms to Chechnya
Bashkir interior officials have launched an operation in Birsk to end the smuggling of guns and peoples to Chechnya, Bashkortostan State Radio reported on 28 May. So far, the officials have arrested 37 illegal immigrants and seized 79 weapons.

Bashkir Birthrate Higher than Russian Average
There are now 10.1 births per 1,000 residents in Bashkortostan compared to the Russia-wide average of 8.7 births per 1,000, the State Statistics committee reported on 28 May.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi