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Tatar-Bashkir Report: June 6, 2001

6 June 2001
Kremlin Won't Back Nadezhdin's Amendment
Russian presidential representative in State Duma Alexander Kotenkov said on 5 June that Kremlin wouldn't support the legislative amendment for reducing the number of regional leaders allowed to run for their third terms in office, Rosbusiness Consulting [] reported. Duma deputy Boris Nadezhdin earlier had proposed a bill allowing only 8 governors to be reelected to third terms.

International Islamic Culture Conference to Take Place in Kazan
An international conference will take place 8-10 June in Kazan on "Islamic Culture in Volga-Ural region," World Tatar Congress Executive Committee chairman Indus Tahirov told the reporters on 5 June.

Russian Army Interested in Kazan-Produced Helicopter
Senior Russian commanders have indicated that they are interested in purchasing the Ansat light helicopter produced by Kazan Helicopter Plant, Tatnews agency reported on 5 June.

Tuben Kama Refinery to Specialize in Chemicals
Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Shvetsov said on 5 June that Tatneft oil Company and Tuben Kama Oil Chemical Co "are studying the possibilities for launching chemical materials production at Tuben Kama Oil Refining Plant, rather than fuel production." Tatneftekhiminvestholding general director Rafinat Yarullin noted that the construction of basic facilities complex of TKORP cost $280 million and $237 million have already been paid.

SPS Opens Branch In Kazan
A Union of Right Forces branch in Kazan announced on 5 June that it has begun accepting applications for party membership. Branch leader Yelena Ditatkina said that the SPS would carefully monitor applications to weed out "dubious" ones. The group will have a formal organizational meeting on 21 June.

Tatneft Discovers Diamonds in Arkhangelsk
The Tatneft oil company branch Tatneft-Kraton discovered a new diamonds deposit in Arkhangelsk oblast, reported on 5 June.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

Bashkir Criticizes Gref's Program
Robert Nigmatullin, the president of the Bashkortostan Academy of Sciences and a Duma deputy, said on 5 June that German Gref's team had "taken a formalist approach toward estimating the contributions of the regions to the Russian economy" and that his program reflects a unitarist approach to the state.

President Rakhimov Fires Chief Aide
On 5 June, President Murtaza Rakhimov dismissed Ildar Zabirov, who had been the chief executive official on his staff.

Bashprombank Restructures Debts
Bashprombank has succeeded in restructuring its debts, reported on 5 June. It has paid back 18 percent of deposits and converted 54 percent of them into promissory notes.

Republic Supports Housing
Bashkortostan�s budget allocates 60 million rubles [$2 million] for reconstructing the state-owned housing and preparing the power and heat supplying networks for winter in 2001, Bashinform reported on 5 June.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi