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Tatar-Bashkir Report: July 3, 2001

3 July 2001
State Council Chairman Appeals To Russian Court
Tatarstan State Council chairman Farit Mukhametshin asked the Russian Constitution Court to clarify the situation with contradicting federal laws, Tatnews agency reported on 2 July. Mukhametshin said that the Russian Constitution gives federation entities the right to choose the form of its state bodies, including the formation of bicameral parliament, but he noted that the federal law on basic guarantees for citizen's election rights does not stipulate it.

Tatar Businesses Said Protected by Tax System
Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Nuri Mustafayev on 2 July said that the previous exemptions granted to businessmen by Tatarstan's government "didn't stimulate them and served for maintaining weak and unviable businesses."

...Meets Oil Industry Chiefs In Alabuga
Later on 2 June, Shaimiev met the directors of Tatarstan oil industry ventures in Alabuga. While praising the high oil extraction figures, which could allow the republic to get some 30 million tons of oil by the end of 2001, Shaimiev pointed out that the output shouldn't exceed this figure. He urged the republic's oil companies to cooperate in order to resist the strong competition on the Russian market.

Spring Draft Completed in Tatarstan
Thirty-five hundred men were drafted into the Russian army from Tatarstan this spring, the chief military commissioner's office announced on 2 July. Approximately 1500 draftees are being sought for refusing to serve or desertion.

Kazan Plans to Simplify Real Estate Deals
First deputy Prime Minister Ravil Muratov told Tatarinform on 2 July that the republic government plans to simplify the procedures connected with real estate transactions. He said that Tatarstan would be a first Russian region to introduce such system.

KamAZ to Sack Managers, Not Workers
Tatarstan media quoted Russian deputy Prime Minister and KamAZ board chairman Ilya Klebanov on 2 July as saying that the future redundancies at KamAZ will hit managers only and not workers or engineers. Local media had reported that some 5,000 employees would lose their jobs.

Russian Security Council to Inspect Emergency Services
Russian Security Council officials will visit Tatarstan Republic in the mid July to inspect the readiness of local state bodies for emergency situations, Efir-Inform agency reported on 2 July.

Shaimiev Inspects Minzele Region...
President Mintimer Shaimiev visited the Mizele region on 1 July to discuss local highways and economic development, the government press service reported. He sharply criticized local officials for the bad conditions of roads there.

Kama River Bridge Construction Continues
Construction of Kama river bridge proceeds on schedule, PM Rustam Minnikhanov told the reporters on 1 July. He said that so far this year Tatarstan has allocated 233 million rubles ($8 million) for constructing the bridge while Moscow transferred only 58 million. Each side is supposed to contribute 500 million rubles to the project in 2001, planning to finish the bridge by the end of 2002.

SPS Holds First Party Conference in Tatarstan
The SPS party held its organizational conference in Chally on 30 June, Tatarinform reported. Fedor Fomushkin was re-elected branch chairman.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

Government Discusses Mineral Resources
Bashkortostan�s Cabinet of Ministers gathered on 30 June to discuss the state program for geological research and use of natural resources, Bashinform reported on 2 July. The republic has more than 1200 deposits of mineral resources, 175 of them petroleum, whose extraction provides 70 percent of the republic's GDP.

Republic Development Plan Outlined for Next 3 Years
Government experts told reporters in Ufa on 2 July that Bashkortostan industrial production would increase by some 6% over the next 3 years, but they added that unemployment will climb to 117,000.

Ufa Seeks to Revive Ties with Arkhangelsk
Bashkortostan representatives met with officials in Arkhangelsk to discuss economic ties, "Pravda Severa" reported on 2 July.

Doctors Prevent Transmission of HIV from Mothers to Children
Bashkortostan�s anti-AIDS center specialists told "Respublika Bashkortostan" on 2 July that they had successfully prevented the transmission of the HIV virus from infected mothers to most of their 14 children.

Bashkortostan Switches Cars to Natural Gas
According to Interfax-AFI on 2 July, Bashkortostan�s government plans to switch its cars to natural gas. Deputy Prime Minister Midkhat Shakirov said this would reduce air pollution as well as cut costs.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi