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Tatar-Bashkir Report: July 13, 2001

13 July 2001
Moscow Adopts Program on Tatarstan�s Socio-Economic Developmen
The Russian government on 12 July approved a draft 309 billion ruble five-year federal program intended to promote the development of Tatarstan, reported. President Mintimir Shaimiev said the document will help the republic retain its status as a donor region.

Shaimiev Says Power-Sharing Treaty Must Be Retained
Shaimiev said on 12 July that the power-sharing treaty between Kazan and Moscow is a �fate-deciding� document of political rather than economic importance for Tatarstan, that it has brought peace and concord in the republic, and that it must be retained, Tatarstan Television reported. In other comments, he said that he won�t more lead formally or non-formally any political party or movement, ITAR-TASS reported. He refused to comment a merger of Fatherland � All Russia with Unity saying that he is not now a member of either.

Mukhametshin Backs Sklyarov
State Council Chairman Farid Mukhametshin said on 11 July in Nizhny Novgorod that he supports the reelection of Ivan Sklyarov for oblast governor, the Nizhny Novgorod telegraph agency reported. He noted that though the electoral campaign in the oblast could not avoid �political dirt,� Sklyarov enjoys support of the oblast's multinational people and said that �my compatriots Tatars, I believe, will support him.�

Two Mediaunion Branches Set Up in Tatarstan
Some 30 Tatarstan journalists on 11 July held a constituent meeting of the Russian journalist organization Mediaunion regional branch and 11 of them decided to join the new body and elected Alayev, the chief editor of �Vremya i dengi� as their leader, republic media reported. The participants said they will promote ties between business and media and between the regions and Moscow. Meanwhile, two days earlier, another branch of Mediaunion was set up by the republic's three major papers. That group said it will promote cooperation with the republic government.

Tatenergo, Bashkirenergo Said to Have Violated Law
The Russian Prosecutor General�s office announced on 12 July that its checking in the Volga District showed that Tatenergo and Bashkirenergo had violated federal legislation by not paying UES and added that the Federal Energy Commission had not taken enough measures to force them to pay, reported.

Tatneft to Sell Tires to Iraq
Tatneft and the Iraqi Trade Ministry have signed a $2 million contract on the delivery of tires to Baghdad under the UN�s oil for food program, company deputy general manager Khamit Kaveev told on 12 July.

House Of Europe Created In Kazan
The Kazan administration has set up the International non-profit fund Kazan House of Europe which is intended to attract investments for the celebration of Kazan millenium, Tatar-inform reported on 12 July.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova

Rakhimov Outlines Economic Strategy
President Murtaza Rakhimov on 12 July signed a decree specifying priorities of republic economic and finance policy, among them restructuring economy, promotion of investments, development of legislation concerning budget relations, improvement of financial control, development of state and municipal order, and reform of social care system.

Bashkortostan Promotes Prisoners Employment
�Trud� on 11 July reported on Bashkortostan�s experience in employing inmates. According to the publication, six of nine republic penitentiary institutions are now profitable having provided. They are also exempt from taxes on profits, the paper said.

Bashkortostan, Taiwan To Boost Ties
A Bashkir-Taiwanese Economic and Cultural Development Society has been set up in Tuimazy, Bashinform reported on 12 July.

Bashkreditbank Opens New Branch Offices
Bashkreditnank on 11 July has opened its representation in Chelyabinsk, the third one in Russian regions after Barnaul and Yekaterinburg, Bashinform reported. The bank has affiliates in 17 Russian cities.

Harmonization Proceeds
The legislature at a 12 July plenary session passed on third reading a law freeing penitentiary institution from profit tax, a law on demarcation of municipal areas borders and amended law on education. On second reading, deputies passed amendments to laws on defense from emergency situations and on cattle breeding. Amendments to acts on ecological monitoring and on veterinary were adopted on first reading.

New Head In Meleuz District
President Murtaza Rakhimov on 12 July appointed Aglyam Alibaev, who previously served as chief engineer of a Bashkirenergo branch, a new administration head of Meleuz district in place of Zinnat Khairullin, the presidential press service reported. The same day, the government presidium discussed a �critical� situation in agricultural production of Meleuz and Kuyurgazy districts that owe 500 and 240 million rubles ($17.2 million and $8.2 million) respectively.

Shakhrai Comments On Power-Sharing Treaties Issue
Sergei Shakhrai, a former head of the presidential commission on the development of power-sharing treaties, said on 11 July that such treaties could be abolished or revised only if both sides agree on it, reported. He expressed concern that the annulment of treaties with �Russian� krais and oblasts and preservation of treaty-based relations with national republics may result again in the deformation of the federation as, he said, treaties with krais and oblasts had been intended to equalize them with republics. And he added, �it is not surprising that regions receiving subsidies from Moscow are calling for the annulment of these accords.�

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova