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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 13, 2001

13 August 2001
Cholera Spread Stopped, Prevention Measures Resume
Tatarstan's governmental anti-cholera commission announced on 10 August that although it "is in control of the situation, it is premature to reduce its activities" in the republic's capital. The commission ordered the Kazan city administration to install additional water disinfecting facilities at pumping stations around Azino area in Sovetskii raion, which is where the infection originated. Meanwhile two thirds of the patients formerly infected with cholera in the regions of Tatarstan were completely cured by 10 August. The spread of the disease is to be finally curbed by 16 August, Interfax reported the same day.

Youth To Promote Latin Tatar Script In Distant Communities
The Young Tatar Intellectuals Club of the World Tatar Congress will organize courses to teach the Latin Tatar script to participants of the Tatar Youth Festival, which will gather members of Tatar communities from all over the world in the Volga tourist camp in Kazan on 25-31 August.

Grain Production To Grow This Year
Minister of Agriculture Marat Akhmetov said on 10 August that Tatarstan's farms expect to collect over 5 million tons of grain this year, exceeding the average figure of previous years. He said 25% of the planned amount has already been harvested.

Tatarstan To Issue Bonds
AK&M agency quoted the deputy general director of St. Petersburg's AVK company, Aleksei Kholodov, on 10 August as saying that the government of Tatarstan has approached his company for consultations in preparing for the emission of Tatarstan government bonds on Russian stock markets. According to Kholodov, the republic already issued some 2 billion rubles worth of bonds in 1997-1998.

By Iskender Nurmi

Bashkortostan To Develop Cooperation With Belarus...
President Murtaza Rakhimov met a government delegation from Belarus on 10 August, RFE/RL's Ufa correspondent reported. During the talks the two sides expressed mutual interest in developing joint industrial ventures. Although no documents were signed during the meeting, Rakhimov said that he hopes the visit will give a new impetus to Bashkir-Belarusian relations.

According to Bashinform the same day, business circles of both republics approved government plans to increase bilateral trade turnover, which amounted to over $182 million in the last two years.

...As Lukashenka Expresses Admiration For Rakhimov
Belarusian Prime Minister Vladimir Yermoshin told a news conference at Ufa airport on 9 August that "President Alyaksandr Lukashenka thinks of President Murtaza Rakhimov as one of the strongest personalities in Russia." In his words, "Lukashenka likes Rakhimov's pragmatism and other business qualities, which are similar to his own."

Grain Production Up
The Ministry of Agriculture announced on 10 August that Bashkortostan's average grain output figures per hectare increased in 2001 compared with previous years and reached 2 tons of grain per hectare.

Teenagers Learn To Fly Combat Aircraft
Uchaly will become the second city in Bashkortostan after Ufa to host a secondary school with pilot training classes for students of 14-15, Bashkortostan State Radio reported on 11 August. Both civilian teachers and air force officers are to prepare the students for further training in Russian Army Air Force schools.

President Greets Construction Industry Workers
President Murtaza Rakhimov greeted the workers of Bashkortostan's construction industry on their professional holiday on 10 August and expressed gratitude for their work, Bashkir media reported.

By Iskender Nurmi