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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 16, 2001

16 August 2001
Shaimiev To Meet Rakhimov
President Mintimer Shaimiev will meet his Bashkir counterpart Murtaza Rakhimov on 16 August in the Aktanysh region of Tatarstan, RFE/RL's Kazan Bureau reported. According to RIA Novosti on 15 August, the two presidents are expected to discuss the possible purchase by Bashkir Airlines of Kazan-produced Tu-214 aircraft. Meanwhile the air company is also holding negotiations with the Ulyanovsk aircraft plant Aviastar-SP, which has offered its Tu-204 airplanes to Bashkortostan.

Russian Government Pledges Support For Domestic Aircraft Producers
The daily "Vremya i Dengi" on 15 August quoted Russian Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov as saying that the federal government "will support the leasing contracts dealing with new domestic-produced Tu-204, Tu-214 and Il-96 airplanes." Klebanov added that in late August 2001 a tender will be held among potential buyers for choosing the most profitable leasing contracts, which will be guaranteed by Moscow.

Traffic Police Seek to Protect Children From Accidents
Traffic police have begun a special program for promoting awareness of traffic rules among children in order to prevent their involvement in accidents, Efir-TV reported on 15 August. During the first seven months of 2001 there were 303 traffic accidents involving children, in which 24 young pedestrians were killed.

Egyptian Company Interested In Tu-214s
The president of Egypt's Sirokko Air Company, Ibragim Kamil, said that his company will purchase five Russian-made aircraft in 2002 and begin annual purchases of 12 aircraft after 2003, RIA Novosti reported on 15 August. Kamil said that his company is interested in buying both Tu-204s and Tu-214s.

Interior Minister Checks Service Conditions Of Tatar Militiamen In Chechnya
Tatarstan's Interior Minister Asgat Safarov left for the Chechen Republic on 15 August, Tatarinform reported. Safarov plans to visit the camp of militia servicemen from Tatarstan and present awards to the officers who took part in the operation to free two Russian soldiers from captivity.

Increase in Telephone Fees To Help Upgrade The Equipment
Telephone services tariffs have risen by 10-30% in Tatarstan, reported on 15 August. According to the republic's deputy minister of communications, Ravil Fatikhov, revenues from the increased tariffs would be spent on renovating the equipment at telephone exchanges.

By Iskender Nurmi

Durtuli Region Criticized For Failing To Provide Education In Bashkir
Prime Minister Rafael Baydavletov harshly criticized Durtuli region administration head Ravil Davletov [correct?] on 15 August for failing to develop a system of Bashkir language classes, RFE/RL's Ufa correspondent reported. Davletov said that by 2003 all Bashkir students in his region will enjoy their constitutional right to study in their native language. According to earlier media reports, Bashkirs account for about 20% of the population of Durtuli region.

Reform of Bashkir Economy Delayed Due To Federal Government's Workplan
Bashkortostan's government decided on 15 August to postpone the implementation of its program for reforming former defense industry plants in order to coordinate that program with a similar federal program to be adopted later this year, Bashinform reported.

Bilingual Labelling To Be Introduced For Foodstuff
In compliance with Bashkortostan's State Languages Act, local food producers began switching to bi-lingual packaging, Bashkortostan State Radio reported on 15 August. All producers of food prooducts in Bashkortostan are to launch labeling in both the Russian and Bashkir languages by 2002.

Rakhimov Reported To Travel By Common Air Transport
The General Director of Bashkir Airlines, Nikolai Odegov, told a press conference on 14 August that President Murtaza Rakhimov "unlike some of regional leaders does not have a personal airplane and prefers regular scheduled flights when traveling."

Karmaskali Oil Reserve To Last For Over A Decade
The oil reserves of Bashkortostan's Karmaskali region are likely to be exhausted by 2015, the daily "Trudovaya Slava" reported on 15 August. Karmaskali is currently one of the republic's major oil producers with an annual output at 1.9 million tons.

By Iskender Nurmi