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Tatar-Bashkir Report: September 14, 2001

14 September 2001
Shaimiev Says Regional Leaders Must Control Use of Natural Resources
In his interview with Interfax on 11 September, President Mintimer Shaimiev sharply criticized the proposal by ten governors of the Chernozem region to deprive heads of federation subjects of rights in using natural resources saying that it shows their incompetence on this issue. He said the proposed measure would result in the return from market economy to a planned one. He called for bringing the system of licensing of natural resource exploitation into order rather than depriving regions of their powers.

Parliament to Discuss Raising Tuben Kama Reservoir Level
The State Council commission on environment and Environment and Natural Resources Ministry on 12 September discussed lifting the water level at the Tuben Kama reservoir, reported. The participants said that keeping that level at the 62-meter point has resulted in the worsening of the ecological situation in the region. And they recommended the parliament approve its raising to 68 meters.

Analyst Says Disintegration Threatened Russia
In an article published in �Lipetskaya gazeta� on 12 September, Andranik Migranyan, the vice president of the Reforma fund, said that centrifugal trends within Russia in the 1990s had created a situation with a fully independent Chechnya, treaty based confederal ties with Moscow regions, and broad sovereignty in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. He said that some regional leaders have "swallowed" more sovereignty than they can "digest" and thus threatened the disintegration of Russia. He said that President Putin had brought Russia back from that brink of disaster.

Afghan War Participants Given State Awards
Tatarstan Commissioner Major General Rim Mustaev on 13 September has handed out state awards to 11 participants in the Afghan war, Efir-inform reported.

Some 75 Kazan Residents Attempt Suicide Each Month
The Kazan anti-suicide center said that some 1,000 Kazan residents annually try suicide and that 10 percent of succeed, �Vechernyaya Kazan� reported on 12 September. The number has been stable since 1994.

Number of Homeless Children Increases in Tatarstan
Deputy Education Minister Vera Bogovarova said on 12 September that 1,573 children live in republic 15 children�s homes and 6 orphan school boarding houses, reported. She told the government meeting on children social care that some 2,000 parents in Tatarstan evade their parental responsibilities and that 948 residents were stripped of their parental rights in 2000. Deputy Social Care Minister Yurii Kamaltynov said at the same meeting that 744 teenagers left their families in 2000, of which 328 have returned.

Republic to Block Sale of Pornographic Videos
An expert commission has been set up at the republic Cinematography Committee to monitor and prevent the sale of pornographic video-films, Efir-inform reported on 12 September.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova

Rakhimov Urges Cooperation in Fight Against Terrorism
President Murtaza Rakhimov told Interfax-Eurasia on 12 September that he had been �shocked by the monstrosity of terrorist crimes in the U.S.,� adding that it would be a mistake to accuse without any proof Islam fundamentalists, Afghan Talibs, or Palestinian or Japanese �avengers� of these actions. He said that �terror has no nationality� and that no accusations should be made without proof. He said only a joint struggle against terrorism can be efficient, noting that �actions of retribution� must not be used as they had proved their inefficiency.

Ufa Authorities Express Condolences to American People
The Ufa administration sent a message of condolence to the United States� General Consulate in Yekaterinburg, saying that �such inhuman actions must be punished� and calling on the international community to unite in fighting terrorism, Bashinform reported on 13 September.

Religious Leaders Condemn Terrorist Actions
The Bashkortostan Supreme Religious Council uniting heads of the Muslim Religious Board, the Ufa eparchy board, and the republic rabbi, expressed their �deep indignation� by the actions of international terrorists against peaceful residents of the USA. They said terrorists have violated commandments of the Most High and called for everyone to unite against extremism, terrorism, racism, and nationalism.

Parliament Amends Republic Budget
The legislature on 13 September has amended the law on the republic 2001 budget to change its incomes and expenses items after receiving some 8.7 billion rubles in subventions from Moscow.

Fires Kill 180 Persons in 2001
The Bashkortostan Interior bodies� anti-fire service said that more than 180 residents have died in 3,000 fires in 2001 in the republic, Bashinform reported on 13 September.

UNESCO School Opens in Ufa
More than 200 students attend the International open UNESCO school that has opened at a Bashkir-Turkish lyceum in Ufa, Bashinform reported on 13 September. Culture of international relations and of different countries, history, ethnography, foreign languages are taught in the school.

Government Promotes Skiing
The cabinet has approved a five-year program for the development of skiing in Bashkortostan, the presidential press service reported on 13 September. The document promotes construction of new facilities and training personnel for skiing. Some 1,200 republic residents currently participate in this sport.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova