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Tatar-Bashkir Report: September 27, 2001

27 September 2001
Tatarstan's Politicians Split in Reactions to Putin's Statements about Terrorism
In an interview published in "Vremya i Dengi" on 27 September, Mikhail Rokitsky who represents Tatarstan in the Duma said that Putin's speech on terrorism represented "a good chance to enter the international community as an equal member." Meanwhile, another Fendes Safiullin, who also represents the republic in the lower house of the Russian parliament spoke against "getting involved in a conflict where the actors are unknown." He also suggested that Putin's ultimatum to the Chechens will "not bring any positive results." The leader of the SPS party branch in Tatarstan Andrey Tatyanchikov told the paper that Putin's statement "didn't say anything about Russia's intention to participate in combat." In his words, Putin's statement suggested Moscow want to remain neutral in this conflict. Meanwhile, the ideological secretary of Russia's Communist Party in Tatarstan Robert Sadikov said that the U.S. is "world terrorist number one." He said that it would be very good if Moscow told the Americans to "fight their own battles."

Tatar Organizations To Discuss Defending Latinization
The World Tatar Congress, Tatarstan's Writers Union, Tatar Public Center and Megarif Tatar teachers union will gather on 27 September to discuss how to promote the transition to the Latin script. Tatarinform reported.

Crisis Seen Helping Tatarstan's Aircraft Companies
Igor Avanesyan, deputy director of Financial Leasing Company, said on 26 September that the recent terrorist attacks on the US would will not hurt Tatarstan's aircraft manufacturers and may even lead to more sales within Russia.

Europe Interested in Tatarstan's Power-Sharing Arrangements
Philip Kumps of the Belgian embassy in Moscow told Tatarstan State Council Secretary Valentina Lipuzhina on 26 September that his country and the entire European Union is "interested in Tatarstan's legislative experience in power sharing with the federal center."

Information Security Raises Concern
Responding to numerous hacker attacks on the information systems of Tatarstan state bodies, the Ministry of Communications on 265 September held a seminar on information security and urged state bodies to join forces to protect the data circulating within their closed networks.

KamAZ Produces 2.25 Millionth Truck Engine
KamAZ announced on 26 September that it had manufactured the 2,250,000th truck engine, a record of Russia's automotive industry. Two-thirds of the engines being produced now meet European pollution standards.

Industries Owe Tatenergo $95 Million
Tatarstan�s industrial enterprises owe Tatenergo some 2,8 billion rubles ($95 million) for power already supplied, the company's deputy general director Fanis Nafikov said on 26 September.

Shaimiev Meets Turkish President
While vacation in Turkey, President Mintimer Shaimiev met that country's president Akhmet Nejet Sezer on 26 September to discuss economic cooperation, presidential press services reported.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

Rakhimov Says Ufa to Defend Power-Sharing Treaty in Court...
In an interview with Interfax-Eurasia on 25 September, President Murtaza Rakhimov said he is categorically against annulment of power-sharing treaties. He said that the treaty of his republic with Moscow is a substantial one, fully reflecting the history and prospects for the development of the federative relations between Ufa and Moscow. He added that it is not a subject for any changes and cannot be abolished unilaterally or even be annulled by a court. He said that the republic, if necessary, "will assert its position in a court." He said that due to the treaty, the republic was able to avoid "shock therapy" in its economic development, and he added that such treaties are concluded "for many decades if not for ever, so permanent harmonization or annulment requirements harm the Russian statehood." "Vremya novostei� cited on 26 September a representative of the Russian presidential administration as saying that power-sharing treaties encroach on Moscow's powers as fixed in the Russian constitution and that under the Constitutional Court ruling these treaties are invalid.

...As Prime Minister Argues that Sovereignty Helps Economy
"Parlamentskaya gazeta" on 26 September reported that Ufa's success in raising wages can be called "a Bashkortostan miracle." Prime Minister Rafael Baidavletov told the paper that Bashkortostan seeks to strengthen its statehood within the framework of federative Russia and to develop treaty-based relations. He said that no one would succeed in eliminating sovereignty, which have as its source the will of the people. He added that Ufa has transferred to the federal budget 48 percent of the taxes it has collected this year but noted that Moscow has compensated the republic so that it has not become poorer. He noted that the incomes of republic residents have reached the levels they were adding before the August 1998 crisis.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova