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Tatar-Bashkir Report: January 21, 2000

21 January 2000
Khakimov Comments On Duma Split
Rafail Khakimov, a state adviser to Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev, said on 20 January that the events that occurred at the first meeting of the State Duma have complicated the political situation in Russia. The daily "Vremya i Dengi" reported Khakimov's comments on the Duma split, which was caused after the Communist Party and the Unity faction banded together and divided all parliament portfolios. Khakimov said that in the current Duma an alternative to the communist control had to appear, but an opposite effect has been achieved. He said the new Duma is even more leftist than its predecessor. Khakimov said that the election bloc Fatherland-All Russia shouldn't have been suspected of "discrediting ties" with the Communists. He added that as strange as it is, the agreements with the Communists became reality for the Unity faction and several deputies groups to which the executive authority was favorably disposed towards. He said this will likely not bring votes to the candidacy of acting President Vladimir Putin during the presidential election campaign. As for the uncooperative behavior of the right-centrist factions, Khakimov believes it's quite acceptable if better results cannot be achieved in a democratic way.

TU-214 To Be Certified Within Six Months
Yuri Vorobyov, a manager of the Tupolev aviation company, said that certification of the new Tatarstan-produced aircraft TU-214 is expected to be completed within six months, the "Vremya i Dengi" daily reported on 20 January, citing Interfax. Vorobyov said that certification is based on Russian AP-25 aviation rules, which are approximately the same as international regulations. In January, the TU-214 will perform flights in arctic climatic conditions in Yakutia. Vorobyov said the Kazan Gorbunov air industrial association is scheduled to produce the first two serial TU-214 planes this year. Tatarstan will reportedly allocate some 400 million rubles for construction and testing. Additionally, more than 50 million rubles will be received from the Rosaviacosmos company. Tatarstan's government also allocated money from the 2000 budget for the purchase of two TU-214s for the republic's airliner Tatarstan. The TU-214 is capable of transporting 214 passengers 6,250 kilometers.

Heating System Breaks Down In Tuben Kama
A large part of Tatarstan's third city, Tuben Kama, was without heating when the city's central heating system was damaged, Tatar Radio reported on 20 January. The accident occurred on 18 January at 4:30 a.m. and left some 90 buildings--including houses, schools, and hospitals--without heating. In system was repaired 12 hours later. Tatar Radio cited unnamed specialists of the heating branch that was defective as saying that the fault lied with the central heating system equipment. The head of the city administration told Tatar Radio that pipes in the central heating system are old and in dire need of replacements.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova