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Tatar-Bashkir Report: February 18, 2000

18 February 2000
Mayors of Volga Cities Support Putin
The Association of the Cities of the Volga Region, at its recent meeting in Samara , supported the candidacy of Vladimir Putin for the post of Russian president and formed a coordination council of public support, Tatar-inform reported on 16 February. In an appeal to residents, the association said that Vladimir Putin has already shown by his actions that he is the leader Russia needs. Kazan Mayor Kamil Iskhakov, who participated in the meeting, told the news agency that society has to follow the principles inherent in Putin's actions: strengthening federative relations, improving the population's social protection, and the "dictatorship of law." The appeal also noted that the country needs a strong, energetic, and responsible leader who will steadfastly and confidently bring about on the way of Russia's and unite society under principles of lawfulness and justice. The association supported the idea of a strong and responsible authority that is able to ensure the well-being and security of the population as well as efficient relations between the federal center and territorial entities.

Agreement On Migration Politics Signed
Tatarstan's President Mintimer Shaimiev and head of Federal Migration Service Vladimir Kalamanov have signed an agreement regulating relations in migration policies, Tatar-inform reported on 17 February. A top official from Tatarstan's Migration Service, Rishat Khairutdinov, told the news agency that all the issues of arranging and financing accommodation for migrants will be decided by the Federal Service jointly with Tatarstan's government. Khairutdinov said that earlier republican leaders were puzzled by the federal service's order to receive 1,000 Chechen refugees in Tatarstan as that order made no provision for funding and had not been agreed on by the republican government.

Tatarstan Trade Minister Visited Kazakhstan
Tatarstan's Trade and Economic Cooperation Minister, Khafiz Salikhov, discussed prospects for the development of Tatar-Kazakh projects during his visit to Kazakhstan, the daily "Vremya I Dengi" reported on 17 February. The sides agreed that Tatarstan's KamAZ trucks will be assembled at Kazakhstan's Kustanai engine plant and Tatarstani-made helicopters repaired n Kazakhstan. They also discussed possibilities for Kazakhstan's leasing Kazan planes TU-214 and the delivery of raw materials by Kazakh zinc-producing company to Tatarstan's tire company Nizhnekamskshina. Kazakhstan is Tatarstan's second-largest trade partner within the Commonwealth of Independent States. Tatarstan exports to Kazakhstan machinery and petrochemical products and imports agricultural goods and ferrous metal pipes.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova