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Tatar-Bashkir Report: April 5, 2000

5 April 2000
More Soldiers From Tatarstan Killed In Chechnya
Lieutenant-Colonel Igor Nikolayev of the republican Military Commissioner's Office told reporters on 4 April that 21 servicemen from Tatarstan have been killed in fighting in Chechnya. Currently 617 army recruits and officers from Tatarstan are serving in the rebel republic. Previously, the republican Military Commissioner's Office announced that 38 servicemen from Tatarstan were killed during this military campaign in 1999. According to the Russian national organization of soldiers' mothers, actual losses in Chechnya are "a at least twice as much as the officially submitted figures."

Shaimiev's Abu Dabi Visit
During his visit to Abu-Dabi, Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev met with the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khamdan ben Zaid Al Nahayan, republican media reported on 5 April. The sides reportedly discussed the possibilities of mutual cooperation in aircraft, automotive, and agricultural industries between UAE and Tatarstan. Shaimiev officially invited Khamdan to visit Kazan. The sheikh held a banquet in Shaimiev's honor and promised to visit Tatarstan in order to "see the Kazan Kremlin and pray in the Kol Sharif Mosque."

State-Owned Companies To Be Privatized
Tatarstan's State Property Committee chairman, Valerii Vasilyev, told a press conference on 4 April that the republican government "intended to reduce its involvement in managing companies in TR." Republican ministries and state committees were also reportedly ordered to "elaborate solutions for privatization and reorganization of the state enterprises in Tatarstan." Vasilyev noted that "the state would partially preserve its control over the companies connected with national security including the defense industry plants, energy providers, transport, and agricultural enterprises."

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi