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Tatar-Bashkir Report: May 10, 2000

10 May 2000
World War II Victory Day Marked In Kazan
A military parade to mark the 55th anniversary of victory in World War II was held in Kazan on 9 May. Tatarstan's president, Mintimer Shaimiev, addressed a parade and said "for a peaceful sky those who are alive today on the Earth owe an unpayable debt to war and labor veterans. Care for veterans must be an everyday rule for all people." Shaimiev said publication of the republican "Memory Book" -- where the names of more than 300,000 residents of Tatarstan killed during the war are listed -- is an expression of civic duty. The previous day, Shaimiev said at an official ceremony that "we now know that not 87,000" people, as was earlier thought, but that "more than 350,000 Tatarstan citizens were killed." He said that of Tatarstan's then population of some 3 million people, some 700,000 of them took part in the war effort.

Shaimiev Stresses Significance Of Tatarstan'Sovereignty Declaration
Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev emphasized the importance of Tatarstan's efforts in obtaining state sovereignty during a speech he delivered in Kazan on 8 May. At ceremonies devoted to the 55th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, Shaimiev said "speaking about political results of the last decade, we cannot avoid mentioning what a complex path Tatarstan is travelling in creating its statehood. The Declaration on State Sovereignty in August 1990 was not a caprice of a separate group of people but rather an historic step corresponding to the traditions of ancient statehood, rich culture, and a high level of economic development." According to Shaimiev, because of the sovereignty, a new system of internal federal and international connections was created. He said sovereignty has concrete social, economic, spiritual, and moral expressions. He added that these aspirations are embodied in the power-sharing treaty between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan and serve as an example of the peaceful settlement of the most complex political conflicts. Shaimiev said "celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Declaration on State Sovereignty will become one of this year's most important events. In developing its future plans, Russian authorities proceed from the recognition of Tatarstan's experience in constructing a new federation is important and useful. During the stay of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin in Kazan, the thought that it is necessary to respect Tatarstan's place and role in federal relations was expressed with stressed emphasis. The independent economic politics of Tatarstan within the framework of the treaty allowed it to avoid a catastrophic fall in production, and to save its main productive forces and technological potential. As a result, we currently have a more stable growth in production and a guaranteed supply of our own food products."

Official Reception Held In Tatarstan's Moscow Representation
An official reception for Tatarstan-native World War II veterans was held at Tatarstan's plenipotentiary office in Moscow, the daily "Respublica Tatarstan" reported on 9 May, referring to the press service of the mission. A greeting from Tatar President Shaimiev was given to participants by the head of the presidential administration, Ekzam Gubaidullin. The ceremony was attended by Tatarstan's representative in Moscow, Nazif Mirikhanov; the deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Yuri Mikhailov; the head of state services and human resources board of the Moscow government, Vladimir Voronenko; and the deputy commissioner of Moscow, Colonel Marat Mukhamadeev.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova