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Tatar-Bashkir Report: June 2, 2000

2 June 2000
Moscow's General Prosecutor Orders Regions To Change Legislation
Russian General-Prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov told the public prosecutors of territorial entities on 1 June to ensure that regional legislation does not conflict with the Russian Constitution, Russian agencies reported. According to Ustinov, one-third of the regional laws adopted last year contradict the constitution. A bill by a representative of Tatarstan's opposition in the State Council, Aleksandr Shtanin, which would have introduced into the session agenda a question on bringing Tatarstan's legislation in harmony with Moscow's failed on 31 May. His proposal was voted down by deputies who argued that such a measure is untimely before draft laws reorganizing government structures introduced by President Vladimir Putin have been adopted.

Every Third Prisoner To Be Amnestied
Officials from Tatarstan's Punishment Execution Board told reporters on 1 June that one-third of the prisoners in the republic--more than 4,000 people--will be granted an amnesty this year. The amnesty is the biggest in over 45 years. Those who were sentenced to less than three years, pregnant women, mothers of underage children, women over 50, men over 55, military veterans, and those who have orders and/or medals of the USSR and/or the Russian Federation will be freed. Rustam Kurbangaleev, the head of the department's board, said that 310 ill prisoners will be also released. He said all of those to be freed will have to pass a treatment course before regaining their freedom. The amnesty will take place over six months. Board officials said a reduction in the number of prisoners will lead to an improvement in the conditions for those who remain jailed.

Kazan Helicopter Plant Developing New Model
The general manager of the Kazan helicopter plant, Aleksandr Lavrentyev, said the company is continuing to develop a new helicopter, the MI-38, Tatar-inform reported on 1 June. Lavrentyev made his comments at an annual shareholders' meeting. He said the Moscow helicopter plant, the French-German Eurocopter company, and Canada's Pratt and Whitney are participating in the project. The first trial flight of the new helicopter is scheduled for 2001.

Lavrentyev reported that production growth at the plant was 17 percent last year. Ninety percent of the helicopters were sold abroad. The average salary of plant personnel rose twofold in 1999 compared to the previous year. And finally, the sum allocated for payment of dividends also increased twice last year compared to 1998.

By Gulnara Khasanova