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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 18, 2000

18 August 2000
Tatarstan To Suffer Huge Loss Of Income To Moscow
Tatarstan's prime minister, Rustam Minnikhanov, said on 17 August that because the republic had joined federal tax legislation, it will lose about 30-40 percent of its income for the republican budget next year, Tatar Television reported. Minnikhanov made his comments at an Economics and Industry Ministry board meeting devoted to Tatarstan's social and economic development during the first six months of the year. He said it is necessary to revise production volumes so that the republic can maintain its current level of expenditures. Tatar Deputy Prime Minister and Economics and Industry Minister Sergei Kogogin told the meeting that industrial production growth in the republic was 9 percent in the first half of the year--higher than the average for the Russian Federation. Kogogin said that the leading branches are chemical and petrochemical industries with 11 percent of growth, and machine building--in which the KamAZ truck concern and the Kazan helicopter plant were the most successful. Kogogin said that a positive trend also took place in light industry, which was given tax breaks this year. He added, however, that the situation in the branch demands more radical measures, and a concept of its financial improvement will be considered next month.

Kogogin reported that the ministry audited the republic's districts to define indices of the social-economic development in them. The information gathered, he continued, will be included in the federal program for social and economic development of Tatarstan for 2001-2006, which will be confirmed during the adoption of the consolidated Russian budget. He noted that profitable companies must earn 69 percent of the total figure so that the republic can become self-sufficient--currently they earn only 60 percent. Kogogin added that urgent measures, including bankruptcy, will be taken in regard to unprofitable enterprises. Commenting on the issue of rising salaries, Kogogin said there are reserves in the industry to increase wages, and that he hopes the average wage will be more than 2,600 rubles next year.

Concept Of State-Confessional Relations In Tatarstan To Be Created
The Council on Religions Affairs within the Cabinet of Ministers has decided to create a group to develop a concept of state-confessional relations in Tatarstan, Tatar-inform reported on 17 August. The draft document will be made after taking into account existing legislation, traditions, and the prospects for the spiritual development of civil society. The group is expected to attract famous republican and Russian scientists and politicians.

Tatar Representative Speaks In Washington
Dmitrii Vokhmyanin, an official with the public organization Tatarstan's Committee on Human Rights, will speak to a U.S. congressional committee devoted to the human rights movement in the republic and the Russian Federation, the weekly "Molodyozh Tatarstana" reported on 17 August. Vokhmyanin will visit Washington at the invitation of the U.S. Library of Congress while taking part in a forum called Open World-2000.

By Gulnara Khasanova