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Tatar-Bashkir Report: November 17, 2000

17 November 2000
Tatarstan Won't Renounce Its Sovereignty
Tatarstan's president, Mintimer Shaimiev, said on 15 November that Tatarstan will not give up its statehood or sovereignty. Shaimiev made his comments in an interview with the Russian daily "Segodnya." He said that the republic's statehood is guaranteed by the Russian Constitution as well, and added that in general, there cannot be a state without sovereignty. He said "the amount of sovereignty is a different matter, that's why in the course of harmonizing our legislation with the federal one we'll define the scope of sovereignty." The Tatar president believes that the power-sharing treaty between the republic and federal authorities will not wither away. He said "the treaty is permanent. I don't know how this is for other territorial entities, but for Tatarstan it is one of the fundamental documents. All the more so because Tatarstan, by the way, hasn't signed the Federal Treaty." Shaimiev, however, said he considers the work of the concilliation commission to be quite successful. He said the issue of amending Tatarstan's Constitution will be discussed at a meeting with the federal authorities on 15 December.

Computer Joint Venture Expanding
Prospects for continued work between the British computer company ICL and the Kazan Industrial Association of Computer Systems (KPOVS) were discussed at a meeting between Tatar Prime Mininster Rustam Minnikhanov and the managers of the joint venture ICL-KPOVS on 16 November, Tatar Radio reported. The two sides agreed to arrange seminars at republican companies and to distribute orders for developing computer programs. Earlier this year, Tatarstan's government appointed the ICL-KPOVS to develop an information system for the republic's government bodies.

YelAZ-GM Adopts 2001 Budget
The managing board of the joint venture YelAZ-General Motors discussed at its meeting in Alabuga on 16 November the results of the corporation's activities over the past nine months and the venture's draft budget for 2001, Tatar Television reported. The previous day, a meeting of the State Council's Economic Development and Reforms Commission was held in Alabuga to check how the presidential law on development of the off-shore zone near that city is working. Since 1998, when the law came into force, 13 new companies and joint ventures were created in the zone. Ravil Zaripov, the off-shore zone head, said that the Western investors are attracted by the favorable tax conditions. The tax breaks will be kept next year as well.

Salaries To Increase In Tatarstan
The State Council's Social Issues, Children, and Youth Affairs Commission said at its meeting on 16 November that the average income of Tatarstan's residents will grow by 28 percent next year, Tatar Television reported. The commission discussed the draft 2001 budget and a package of laws that Tatarstan's State Council is expected to approve on increasing wages. It was reported at the meeting that the deputies found additional sources to finance social programs and suggested that the government allocate 1.5 billion rubles for this sphere.

By Gulnara Khasanova