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Tatar-Bashkir Report: December 27, 2000

27 December 2000
Shaimiev Presents Power-Sharing Concept
President Mintimer Shaimiev presented his concept of power sharing between the federal center and the regions to the Russian State Council presidium on 26 December, RFE\RL Kazan bureau reported. In introducing him, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Shaimiev was doing "an important job." Shaimiev emphasized that there must be as few areas of common jurisdiction between the center and the regions as possible. A majority of the Presidium members supported Shaimiev. The Tatarstan president then told a press conference at Interfax that some new legislation would be necessary to implement his plan. "Without this," he said, "it will be difficult to overcome the conflicts between legislation at the two levels."

Moderate Nationalists Punished for Unsanctioned Meeting
The Chally district court fined leaders of moderate nationalist Tatar organizations for their holding of an unsanctioned meeting on 17 December, Kama-press agency reported. The leaders of Azatliq and Horriyat received official warnings, while the head of the Tatar Public Center in Chally Rafis Kashapov was fined 250 rubles -- approximately $9.00.

Tatar, Russian Officials Greet Moslems as Ramazan Ends
Tatarstan State Council Chairman Farit Mukhametshin congratulated the chairman of Tatarstan Moslem Religious Board Gusman khazret Iskhaqi and all Moslems in TR on the approaching end of holy month of Ramazan and Uraza Bayram holiday [Eid al-Fitr]. Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matviyenko sent a letter of greetings to Iskhaq on the same occasion.

By Iskender Nurmi

Bashkir Parliament On Session
The State Assembly on 26 December considered the work of republic's Commissioner on Human Rights Chingiz Gazizov and reelected him to that post, an RFE/RL correspondent reported. The deputies also discussed changes in the republic's constitution and agreed to the candidacy of Azat Azamatov as Arbitrage Court Judge. Deputies also passed a bill renaming "Sovetskaya Bashkiria-Izvestiya Bashkortostan" as "Respublika Bashkortostan."

Birth Rate Has Fallen Over Past Decade
Health Minister Sania Shagarova said on 26 December that the birthrate in the republic had fallen by 35 percent over the last decade. 41,000 children were born in 1999, compared to 63,000 a decade earlier in 1990. Ever more families, she said, have only one child. And she said that the republic government was trying to reverse the situation.

Bashkortostan to Expand Trade With Chelyabinsk
The permanent representative of Bashkortostan in Chelyabinsk oblast Mukhamatulla Khafizov told the coordinating board on cooperation of CIS countries and Russia's territorial entities on 26 December that his republic plans to increase trade with Chelyabinsk. Such trade will lower prices in both places, and the annual trade turnover between the two should increase beyond the 240 million rubles in 2000.

Ufa, Minsk Seek to Boost Trade
The Bashkortostan Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry told Bashinform agency on 26 December that "relations between the Republic of Belorussia and BR are developing very fast." Ufa is purchasing medicines, yearn, tractors and spare parts for heavy trucks from Minsk, while Belarus is interested in oil produced by Bashneftekhim Company. Healthcare ministries in the two republics are planning to sign a bilateral cooperation treaty, which is being reviewed by the Russian justice ministry. Each republic will open a representation office in the other's capital.

By Iskender Nurmi