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Tatar-Bashkir Report: January 15, 1999

15 January 1999
Other Russian Regions Interested In Tatarstan's Socio-Economic Reforms
Russian and Tatar government officials discussed cooperation in socio-economic policy at a meeting in Moscow, Tatar state media reported on 14 January. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matvienko told her counterpart from Tatarstan, Adelya Konyusheva, that socio-economic reforms in Tatarstan are of great importance for Russia. Matvienko said many other Russian regional leaders are prepared to many of the socio-economic reforms that have been implemented in Tatarstan.

Bank Starts Operating In Euro
Officials at the Aq Bars Bank have declared their readiness to service customers' current currency transit accounts in the euro after they had completed negotiations with banks in Europe and other countries on the opening of correspondent accounts in the new currency. Such accounts have already been opened in the German Kommerz Bank and there are plans for them to be opened in the Dresdner Bank. Sberbank and Bank Kazansky may follow the example of Aq Bars Bank, state television reported.

Kazan company To Cooperate With Microsoft
The Kazan ICL KPO VS joint-stock company, which produces computers and information technologies, will become U.S.-based Microsoft corporation partner in Tatarstan, Tatar radio reported. The world's largest operating program manufacturer, Microsoft is in the process of selecting regional companies that will consult with the consumers of Microsoft products. ICL KPO VS will hold perform both service functions for Tatarstan's large companies and organizations and will be available for consultations via phone with private users.

Presentation Of Cultural-National Autonomy Of Tatars In Moscow
A presentation of the Tatars' Cultural-National Autonomy (CNA) will be held in Moscow in late January, Kazan radio reported. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is scheduled to attend the presentation. On 13 January, Tatar Deputy Prime Minister Adelya Konyusheva met with the chairman of the CNA in Tatarstan's representation to the Moscow plenipotentiary and discussed the creation of the CNA and the preparation for the presentation.

National Movement Against Tatar Participation In Russian Military
The Chally branch of the Tatar Public Center is requesting an end to the mobilization of citizens of Tatarstan into the Russian armed forces unless they give written consent in the presence of their parents. The Chally branch of the radical nationalistic organization has criticized universal military service and appealed to Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the defense and interior ministers as well as the general prosecutor for an end to it. The appeal states that conscription today is a horrible military obligation equivalent to imprisonment, whereby young people become the slaves of their senior comrades.

Compiled by G.Khasanova